RTP Slots and Volatility Perfectly Explained


The significance of payback percentages was previously discussed. However, it’s also critical to take into account how volatility impacts your returns. When playing slots, volatility refers to how much your short-term outcomes will vary. This means that even if a game has a high RTP slots, you might not win big money right away.


Results from high-volatility slot machines are more erratic than those from low-volatility games. Avoid playing games with a high level of volatility if you’re trying to stretch out a modest bankroll. Some creators of online slots actually rate the volatility of their slot machines. As an illustration, Pragmatic Play uses one to five lightning bolts to denote volatility.


But the overwhelming majority of online slots still don’t provide this information. This means that in order to get a general idea of how volatile a game is, you need to look at the jackpot size and the pay table. Volatile slots typically provide a few minor payouts and large jackpots. To make your bankroll endure longer, you should seek out the reverse of this.


The Impact of Progressive Jackpots on Payback

Huge progressive jackpots are connected to several of the most well-liked online slot machines. Unfortunately, it is virtually hard to determine the precise impact of a progressive jackpot on RTP. The reason for this is that slot machine games don’t disclose the precise odds underlying each payment. This differs from video poker, where the payback percentages can always be calculated based on the chances of receiving specific cards.


Nevertheless, depending on the starting point of a jackpot value and its current value, you can make reasonable judgments. If Mega Fortune starts out with a $500,000 seed and ends up with $5 million, you may assume that the RTP has also climbed significantly.


Of course, the chances of winning the progressive prize are quite tiny. You will therefore be working with the base payback amounts. Play the larger progressive slot machines, though, if you prefer to daydream. Wait until the jackpot increases instead so that you can possibly increase the expected value of your bets.


To ensure you receive the maximum payback, always read the help screen

I’d also like to emphasize the importance of always reading the help screen to understand all the restrictions. I’ve already mentioned how useful this method is for determining a game’s RTP. However, the help screen also outlines the various requirements for obtaining maximum payback.


For instance, in order to receive the greatest RTP live hari ini, you might need to wager on all of the pay lines or use a specific coin size. Additionally, max bettors can be the only ones who can access the progressive jackpot and/or extra features. The Fire & Blood bonus on the aforementioned Game of Thrones slot machine demands a stake of 100 credits. You aren’t playing for the highest return if you don’t have a chance to use this bonus.


The last thing you want is to play a slot machine under the impression that you are getting a specific payback percentage just to discover that you aren’t. Before placing a real money wager, read the game’s instructions and become familiar with the regulations.



With online slots, finding payback percentages is much simpler because there is so much information available. By searching for popular games on Google or even the slot suppliers themselves, you can get this information. The latter is excellent if you enjoy playing slots from a particular developer and want to discover which of their games has the highest RTP.


Land-based slot machines, in comparison, provide virtually little information about the payout. One of the few well-known slots with a real payback percentage online is Megabucks. As a result, you are left to trawl through state gaming records and make educated judgments based on coin values and jackpot quantities. Although it’s not an exact science, at least this provides you with a hint.


In short, utilize the techniques I’ve described here to determine the payback percentages for well-known slot machines. By consistently following these steps, you can increase your winnings as you play more slots.

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