Gwadar Security review meeting on CPEC

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.The government has surrounded the port of Gwadar. and its surroundings with modern Gwadar Security systems. and advanced safety mechanisms. and has established two giants, which it has launched a security project. We will do our best to provide you satisfaction. People. Among the two security projects, one initiated by the Gwadar Port Authority (GPA). and the other implemented by the Balochistan government in collaboration. with the Ministry of Planning and Development.

GPA Project Manager

In an interview with Gwadar Pro, GPA Project Manager Mounir said. after a long brainstorming session. the Gwadar Security project completed keeping in mind the internal. and external security needs of all offices in the GPA field. He added that under the scheme, 90 to 100 CCTV cameras will installed in every door of the GPA office. He emphasized that after evaluating their technical, financial. and administrative capacities and capabilities, GPA will award contracts based on that. The Balochistan government has also announced another “security project”. called the “Gwadar Safe City Project” in a synergistic collaboration with a special initiative of the Ministry of Planning and. Development An official from the Ministry of Planning, Development. and Special Initiatives told Gwadar Pro that PC-1. the Gwadar Safe City project is being revised to increase competitiveness.

PSCA technical team

He added that under the project. as many as 675 surveillance cameras will installed in different parts of Gwadar to protect. the area. I explained the status of the project. and informed the Minister that the equipment for the project had purchased. In this regard. a Memorandum of Understanding signed in January 2022 between Muhammad Kamran Khan. Chief Operating Officer of the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA). and Shazad Asif, Project Manager of Gwadar Safe City. Under the contract, the PSCA technical team will visit the Gwadar Safe City project. and assist in the installation of the Safe City cameras, networks, communication and command centers. We need this kind of environment. “They eat out and the traditional cuisine of Gwadar is a feast for the eyes. I like to spend my free time.” and synergy in response to pressing demands. Rice fields He added that the project expected to completed next year.

Public procurement regulations

Gwadar’s local travel agent, Jahangir Sabir. said both security projects were necessary given Gwadar’s economic output. which expected to exceed $30 billion To make the city safe and secure for domestic. and foreign investors. the Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs. has installed the latest Gwadar Security systems in Gwadar Port. In this regard. GPA on Monday issued a notice inviting tenders for a perimeter security system. for his Gwadar port, according to Gwadar Pro. Pakistan’s Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA). which is responsible for defining public procurement regulations. and procedures, has since qualified and experienced. in the relevant field to finance a project titled ‘Peripheral Ports’.

Pak-China Friendship Boulevard

In the presence of the bidder or his representative. the tender will held on 29 November 2022 at Gwadar Port Authority. Headquarters, Pak-China Friendship Boulevard, Gwadar. Procurement methods will follow a “single second stage envelope procedure under regulation 36(b).” of the “Public Procurement Regulations – 2004”. but GPA will either reject all bids or the Gwadar Port Authority (GPA ) may offer to invite companies/contractors. with sufficient experience. Relevant Areas Financially qualified. and adequate personnel in relation to the project “Gwadar Port Perimeter Gwadar Security System”. in accordance with the tender documents specified.  Bidding documents including detailed specifications, terms. and conditions are available from the undersigned’s office at GPA Headquarters Gwadar. GPA Camp Office Karachi, Bungalow No. 15, Sunny Side Villa, Bleak House Road, Civil Lines, Karachi, .

Technical and financial offers

After payment of the notarization fee. 5000/- (non-refundable) by payment order. or bank transfer issued. for “Gwadar Port Authority” during normal working hours. 3) Eligible bidders must submit their technical. and financial offers separately in sealed envelopes with all relevant details. and supporting documents no later than 11:00 on 29 November 2023 and at Gwadar Port Authority. Headquarters, Pak-China Her Friendship Avenue. Gwadar, in the presence of the bidder or its representative. Incomplete or questionable bids may  4) An amount of 2%. of the total cost of the project must attached to the financial offer. in the form of a payment order/bank transfer issued for the “Gwadar Port Authority”. for which tenders will not considered. 5) Procurement shall be by a single-stage, two-envelope procedure under Rule 36(b). of the Public Procurement Regulations 2004, in accordance with the PPR Regulations.

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