Which Graduation Stole Color Should You Choose

If you’ve earned a special title like valedictorian, your university may make the choice for you by setting rules about graduation stoles. If you can choose the color, you might want to pick your school’s colors or a color that shows what you study.

When you design a custom embroidered graduation stoles, you’ll have to make the most important decisions. You might want to show support for your fraternity or sorority by having the letters of its name sewn on your stole. You could also have the logo of your Greek organization sewn on in all its glory. People who graduate from military academies or who join the military after they graduate may want to show off their service. You can also put your major or field of study in the spotlight and list any awards you’ve won in school.

No matter what kind of unique statement you make with your graduation stoles, you’re making a special heirloom that you can keep and use to remember good times for years to come.

How to Wear a Graduation Stole

Since most people don’t wear academic regalia every day, it can be hard to keep track of all the layers. Begin with the cap and gown. After you zip it up, look at where the shoulders are and make sure they aren’t too far to the back or front.

Your Graduation Student Stoles comes next. Lift the middle of the stole over your head and put it on the back of your neck, with any custom embroidery on the ends that look like scarves facing forward. Make sure the ends are even by balancing it well. If you have academic honors cords to wear, put them on next. If they aren’t weighted, you may want to tuck or pin the center of the cord under your stole at the back of your neck because they can be slippery.

Lastly, your hood is the last piece of the puzzle if you’re getting a master’s or doctorate. At some graduation ceremonies, your professors will put the hood over your head as you accept your diploma. Since most of the hood hangs down the back of your academic robe, you don’t have to worry that it will cover up your graduation stole.


A lot of graduation stoles just use the school colors to break up the black of the gowns. For example, a school whose colors are red and gold might choose red satin with gold embroidery for custom graduation stoles.

But over time, a whole tradition of colors has grown and changed to represent different fields of study, and many schools now choose this more colorful approach. Of course, the colors come into play again when students with advanced degrees are given hoods. The colors on the hoods show both the school and the field of study.

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