Professional TV Repair Service Experts in UAE

TV Repair Service in UAE

Whatever the brand of your TV, in more than 90% of cases, for a very reasonable price. We permanently solve most of the problems encountered on TV. Oled, plasma, LED, LCD, and TRC. We will try to resolve all kinds of electronic problems like TV Repair Service in UAE, power supply, detection, tuner, image, chrominance, backlight, Audio

All Connection Problems

Network, decoder, DVD, VHS, camera, interconnection, commissioning, convergence with other hardware, basic installation. Care and maintenance in a lot of device power supplies. There are capacitors that can vary in capacity. These variations considerably affect the performance of the power supplies. And can even completely destroy them. Inspection and maintenance help to avoid these pitfalls.

Attention important notice BROKEN SCREEN: note that, in the event of broken screens on televisions, we have no choice but to replace them. These are often very expensive and require quite a lot of work time for disassembly and assembly. In such a case, it is therefore very rare that we can save you the day under reasonable economic conditions

Contact Our TV Repair Service Experts

Depending on the description of your concern, we will make sure to guide you as judiciously as possible. You will choose, thus, between bringing your TV Repair Service device to the workshop (exclusively by specific appointment) or inviting us to intervene at your home by appointment. Contrary to everything that is said on the subject, Plasma, LED or LCD televisions are of course repairable!

As far as possible a repair “to the components” is preferred, thus allowing to considerable reduce the final invoice. However, if the components are not available or the damage is too great, the complete replacement of the plate may considered. In all cases, an estimate will sent to you including the price of the repair as well as the average time in the event of the supply of spare parts. The estimate that will sent to you is “all-inclusive” and nothing will add afterward, so no unpleasant surprises on the day of return. All brands are welcome: Samsung, Sony, Philips, LG, Thomson, Toshiba, Panasonic, Hitachi, Grandin, etc.


The breakdowns that you may encounter on your televisions are diverse and varied and may appear for no particular reason or following an update for example or even appear after a storm. Electronic devices using increasingly complex technologies will absolutely require a technician to carry out an in-depth analysis of the problem in the workshop in order to determine its origin.

It will not possible to encrypt a repair by email or telephone. Do not hesitate to give us as much information as possible on “how the breakdown happened”.

Evaluation By Our Experts

Once your television has taken care of in our workshops, it will dismantle and diagnosed by a technician. We will try as a priority to repair the component if possible in order to minimize the costs as much as possible and to fight against the planned obsolescence which is becoming more and more extensive.

To ensure the availability of spare parts for your device, you can contact us to let us know the exact model of the TV. Our TV Repair Service in UAE will check with the manufacturer if the parts are still distributed. If not, we can still diagnose the device and attempt to repair it using the component, but we cannot guarantee that this is possible before seeing the television in the workshop.

This service includes:

  1. Support for your television by qualified technicians
  2. The disassembly/reassembly of your device
  3. An estimate of the amount of the repair (to the component as far as possible)
  4. Ordering SMD or through-hole components if necessary.

Please note: Devices that have already tinkered with (welding, replaced components, deoxidation) will systematically refused by the technical service, and the diagnosis not reimbursed.

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