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north hills medical clinic

North Hills medical clinic provides convenience for those that want time-sensitive health care services after hours. The health care facility is also a good option when your primary care physician is unavailable because of scheduling conflicts. You count on urgent care physicians for a wide range of services that are not severe enough to warrant a visit to the emergency room. If you have suffered minor injuries, seek medical treatments at the urgent care north hills medical clinic. Read this article to learn what North Hills urgent care is when to visit the facility, and the most common reason why people seek treatment.

What is North Hills Urgent Care Clinic?

The North Hills urgent care clinic is a medical facility that caters to non-life-threatening ailments, injuries, and medical issues that need time-sensitive attention. For example, if you had your finger chopped, you are not required to go to the emergency room, although you need to be treated as it cannot wait until the next day. You might also need treatment sooner, and your primary physician is away from offering your medical issue isn’t life-threatening; North Hills medical clinic is the place to be.

Why Visit North Hills Medical Clinic?

The following are the most common reasons to visit North Hills medical clinic;

1. Flu, Cold, Sore Throat, Cough, Fever

Suppose you have a fever, flu, sore throat, cough, or cold; you might discover that your primary care provider is busy since it’s flu season. In this case, you should rush to the North Urgent care clinic to get immediate attention. North Hills medical clinic is the best facility that delivers the best medical attention. We conduct the right diagnosis to identify the right cause of the ailment and offer the right treatment. If you are looking for fever treatment, consider how long the fever persists, how it is, and other symptoms before opting for where you want to seek medical attention.

2. Sprains and Strains

The right diagnosis is usually needed for minor injuries like sprains and strains. This enables fast treatment before the condition becomes worse.

3. Moderate Breathing Issues

North Hills clinic offers treatments such as mild asthma, allergies, and mild respiratory infections. Suppose your breathing issues are severe and happen constantly; the best option will be to seek medical attention at an emergency room. But if you are experiencing mild breathing issues, seek treatment at North Hills Clinic.

4. Treatment of Cuts That Do Not Involve Severe Bleeding

Suppose you have managed to stop bleeding from an injury; North Hills urgent care physicians will help you clean up the affected site and, if required, clean it and dress up the wound. This will eliminate the risk of scarring and helps to prevent infections.

5. Continuous Eye Discomfort

Eyes are typically very sensitive, and the main issues that affect them are environmental. Suppose you have irritation, impaired vision, redness, or frequent weeping; you need immediate help at the North Hills clinic. You also need urgent medical help if you have a pink eye because it might be a highly contagious infection.

6. Ear Infection or Discomfort

Ear injuries are painful and irritating based on how severe the injury is. Suppose you have suffered damage to your ear or ears; seek medical help at North Hills urgent care clinic. The physician will administer ear antibiotics which work perfectly well with ear infections.

7. Serious Muscle Joints or Aches

Seek proper medical help at North Hills medical clinic if you have nagging pains and aches stopping you from carrying out your daily activities. The right diagnosis will help prevent overcompensation and permanent tissue damage.

When to Seek Medical Help at North Hills Clinic?

Emergency and urgent care are distinct facilities that provide different medical services. Based on research, some people seek treatment at an emergency room because their primary doctor is unavailable. Some medical issues can be treated at urgent care, as mentioned above. Set an appointment with your primary care provider if you know what causes your medical issue or if the symptoms are developing gradually. This also applies to children who experience ear infections or have UTI symptoms. The primary care provider understands your medical issue, and they know if you have other medical issues that should be considered with a current medical issue. Therefore, the best time to opt for urgent care is when you have a minor medical issue and your primary care provider is unavailable. However, we also offer primary care services at North Hills medical clinic.


North Hills medical clinic provides high-quality, convenient, affordable, and reliable mental health care to patients suffering from non-severe health issues. Suppose you cannot immediately access medical care from your primary care physician; It is the ideal place to go. You do not require to schedule an appointment with us to seek medical help, as you can walk in and get treated within an hour. Don’t pause to contact us if you have questions regarding our services.


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