How to Build Quality Links: 5 Wonderful Ways


Every website needs organic traffic to get a better ranking on SERP (search engine result page). Good visibility on SERP results in hot leads and a higher conversion rate. So every website owner works on the SEO of the website, which is the first and the most crucial step in increasing the visibility of their website. Link building, one of the aspects of improving SEO, is equally essential to beat the ever-changing algorithm of search engines.

When your website consistently gives engaging and relevant content about your industry, it becomes a reliable source in the eye of your consumer. But when you want to give search engines a clear message that your website is reliable and authoritative, you need to have backlinks.

What is link building?

Link building or backlinks means attaching a link to your website that belongs to another. Link building with reputed brands helps increase organic traffic to that website, leading to better ranking on google or any other search engine.

Why is link-building important?

You cannot control the dynamic nature of the algorithms of search engines. They keep changing with the changing trends. But you can build the authority of your website by backlinking. These links convey to google that your website is resourceful. So the higher the backlinks, the better are chances of your website ranking.

It doesn’t mean it’s just a number game. Quality over quantity matters too. Backlinking with some reputed websites can be beneficial in terms of Organic traffic. But brand-new websites cannot get a backlink with well-known brands. Link building is a time taking process if you want to grow organically. 

Many websites backlink with paid links, which at some point are used to give immediate results. But google sensed that very soon and described these types of activities under Black Hat SEO. So if you don’t want to get banned in the long term, avoid any activity under Black Hat SEO.

5 Strategic ways that can help you in building high-quality links

1)Guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to increase your backlinks. When your content is presented in front of a new audience, your brand credibility increases by attracting more traffic to your website. Your online reputation gets a boost. 

For example – If you have a travel agency in Oatlands and want to expand your services to Parramatta, you will find a renowned travel agency in that city and ask them for guest blogging on their website. With the help of backlinking, your website will get more traffic because of the local SEO Parramatta. 

Google also allows guest posting on their blogs. You can take leverage this opportunity by posting high-quality content.

2) Long and comprehensive content

Try to produce content that is long, detailed, and comprehensive. Long-form content is loved by people who want to get information at great length. Research shows that long-form content helps build a strong relationship with your audience.

Another benefit is that you can add more backlinks. Ever noticed highlighted or underlined words in every paragraph of a blog? Depending on the blog’s niche, they are either internal links or backlinks.

3) Promote your content through influencer

You are producing high-quality content, but how would you get backlinks if nobody knows about your existence? While SEO works at its own pace, if you want recognition a little faster, you can get it by following the right path.

Find an influencer of your niche with a larger audience. Ask them to share your content on their social media platforms. Provide them with your product or service free of cost and ask them to share their reviews with the audience. You can talk about affiliate linking for the products and services if the influencer has a broader reach. Every time their audience clicks that link and purchases something, they will get a specific commission. You will get a more extensive and well-informed audience of your niche organically.

4) Use Infographics

Content represented in visual format is easily understandable and sharable. You can create your infographics by spending no or little amount of money. After publishing your infographic, you can reach out to blogs with similar niches. When someone shares your infographics, it contains a link to your website, which helps you get more traffic. This is another way of increasing your ranking on SERP.   

5) Take leverage of broken links

Finding broken links to build your backlinks is another easy way to link building. Sometimes when we try to open a particular link, it doesn’t open and shows an ERROR or site can’t be opened. These are called broken links. These are not functional on their website anymore.

Take this opportunity to build a backlink for your website. Convey that website about the broken link and ask them for a replacement with yours. 

Concluding Thoughts

Backlinking is an essential aspect of SEO strategy, and it takes time. Opt for intelligent strategies instead of heavily investing in the expectation of quicker results. If you are a brand new website, you will have to wait to get some results. The Older the domain, the higher the internal linking and backlinking, which gives them a high authority over newer domains. Proper implementation of the strategies discussed will be beneficial in the long run.

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