How Shaan Rais Helps the Rich and Famous Sustain a Better Life and Business

How Shaan Rais Helps the Rich and Famous Sustain a Better Life and Business

Becoming a professional athlete and playing in a top-flight club in a top division; being an A-list celebrity; no. 1 bestselling author; multimillion business tycoon; YouTuber; silicon valley entrepreneur; the list goes on, but what brings them all together is their social stature and their net worth. High-profile individuals may get big paychecks, but they are increasingly met with the challenge of sustaining their wealth.

People managing to secure a ridiculous amount of wealth and fame at a young age are expected not to squander what they have, make sound investment decisions, sustain their wealth status and maximize it in the long run.

It’s true that in the business of association sports, athletes are entitled to high wages and benefits. NFL, NHL, and NBA athletes make a ridiculous amount of money. So do movie stars, musicians and influencers. They might be unmatchable in their craft and skill, but they still require knowledge and understanding of investment and business. Unfortunately, history’s flooded with big names succumbing to bankruptcies, bad financial decisions, and fruitless business affairs.

So, how do the rich and famous secure a chance at sustaining their wealth, provided they may not have the skills or expertise to do so? This is where professional coaches and trainers like Shaan Rais specialize, helping celebrities and other high-end professionals retain their wealth and enjoy seamless returns.

Known as the “King of Branding & Positioning,” Rais has repeatedly shown entrepreneurs how to make their annual income monthly, weekly, and daily.

In addition to helping several entrepreneurs launch and scale Industry Leading Brands that are both profitable and resilient to economic changes, Shaan has become a bona fide social media sensation.

Branded Like a Leader, the method he developed to help entrepreneurs build unbreakable brands in the face of economic turmoil, appeared on NBC, the LA Times, the New York Times and

Retaining influence

High-profile individuals are under constant scrutiny from the rest of the world, which means they are under constant pressure to perform well.

Success is nothing new to you if you’re a professional athlete or performer. Unfortunately, only a fraction of the world’s population has achieved the level of professional success that some people have.

When you’re looking for a way to ensure that you’ll be successful in your career but also find peace outside of it, who can help you? You’ve devised a strategy for achieving professional success. You must devise a strategy that will enable you to achieve greater success in your career and personal life while also leaving a lasting legacy.

Taking charge of one’s destiny

Leadership is everything, and according to Rais, it begins with one’s individual influence.

The leadership style and abilities of a company’s founders and executives are critical determinants of its success. Because of this, it is critical that you devote time and resources to developing your team’s leadership skills as a whole. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Your business will run more smoothly from one process to the next if everyone is a leader. You’ll save time and money, and most importantly, have peace of mind.

Identity as a persona

Despite having the skills and talent to get to the point where everyone knows your name and that you’re one of the best in your field, only a small percentage of people succeed in their quest for excellence. So, what distinguishes the two? It’s all about them. If you don’t have a strong personal brand, you’ll either be overlooked despite your accomplishments or rise to the top of your field.

You must be consistent and work towards a specific goal to build your brand. As a top sales closer, Shaan has worked with business owners and organizations worldwide.

He’s also one of the few online coaches who saw a boom in his business during the recent financial crisis, a phenomenon he calls “going from Crickets to Digits.”

A successful entrepreneur, Shaan is now dedicated to helping one million other entrepreneurs achieve their success, using evidence-based technologies and methodologies that produce luxury brands.


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