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The “millennial age.” The time period between the late 1990s. And the early and mid-2000s is known as “Y2K” (short for “The Year 2000”) for YesStyle dresses. Teens and twenties born after the turn of the millennium have reinterpreted the styles of the 2000s.

The Miu Miu micro-mini skirt, for instance, is an example of this kind of renaissance. That has spread like wildfire online. The ultra-cropped pleated shorts with a low-slung waist. And bulging pockets were featured in Miu Miu’s S/S fashion show last October. Paired with a belt, and an ultra-cropped shirt. And an ultra-cropped cable-knit sweater.


Jessica Day. Star of the American comedy series New Girl, is the reigning queen of schmaltz (2011-2018). Zooey Deschanel’s teacher character likes to dress in the ’60s and ’70s mod styles. Media outlets have frequently cited comments by costume designer Debra McGuire. Who has said that Deschanel was an inspiration for some of the garments worn by the character. Discounted clothing from YesStyle can now be purchased with the help of a YesStyle coupon.


The outfit was reminiscent of something Britney Spear might wear in the “Baby One More Time” music video from 1998.

Whether it’s a retro look you’re going for or a brand-new trend you’ve stumbled upon, the Y2K style is hard to dislike. Lime green, hot pink, and butter yellow examples of some of the bold colors associated with the Y2K fashion trend, along with other eccentric pieces like velour tracksuits, halter tops, baby tees, bell bottoms, baggy jeans, pleated skirts, micro-mini skirts, rectangular sunglasses, bucket hats, and platform heels. When dressed in this manner, one cannot help but attract attention wherever one goes.


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “extremely attractive, in a manner that you find unpleasant and stupid; seeming emotional” best describes twee. The twee era of YesStyle dresses began after the millennium change, when hipsters rejected fast, flashy fashion in favor of a more subdued, vintage aesthetic. The resurgence of ’00s-era Tumblr aesthetics on TikTok is largely responsible for the twee aesthetics’ sudden popularity surge.


Some examples of twee fashion are the Peter Pan collar, polka dots, nautical stripes, ballet flats, wool beret, hair bow, and headband. Outerwear that considered twee includes things like oversized blazers, skirt suits, grandpa cardigans, opaque tights, patterned tights, blouses, A-line shift dresses, and high-waisted shorts. The overall aesthetic exudes a charming indie vibe that will likely find favor with today’s youth.


Gender roles are fluid in today’s culture. Even though dressing androgynously as a female fashion trend has been popular for some time, the ultra-feminine style has been on the rise as of late.

In June 2021, singer/songwriter Billie Eilish set a new Instagram record after appearing in a pin-up photo shoot for the British issue of Vogue YesStyle dresses. In only six minutes, her cover photo gained a million likes. Eilish, a 19-year-old singer, and songwriter has stated that she simply wants to embrace her femininity, despite the fact that this is a significant departure from her typical loose and androgynous style.


The ultra-transparent Dior A/W 22 show nightgown that Rihanna wore while she pregnant this year made headlines for its beauty. While pregnant, the singer wore hyper-feminine YesStyle dresses that shook up the fashion industry and inspired women to express their individuality through clothing.

Wear clothes with a lot of embellishments, such as ruffles, feathers, mesh, lace, crochet, fringe, sequins, or glitter. Baby-doll dresses, knits, dramatic drapes, and corsets will help you achieve a sensual, ethereal look.


Resort wear, to be more precise, is not a trend but rather a category of clothing whose aesthetic goes through regular changes. Not everyone can go on a vacation right now, but they can still pretend they’re away by changing their wardrobe to reflect the season.

You can pretend you’re on vacation by donning a floppy hat, a tunic, a kaftan, a beach dress, a maxi dress, a coverup, some Bermuda shorts, some embellished sandals, some wedge flip-flops, some tie-dye clothing, some bikinis, and a big shoulder bag.


Considering this ensemble, what can we infer about Camille? Our go-to cool girl’s dresses from YesStyle manage to be simultaneously daring and understated. We thought she would look best in a pair of black-washed, high-waisted, loose-fitting jeans, so that’s what we got her. They’re paired with a cropped blazer jacket that reveals a little skin at the neck.

Camille rarely wears jewelry, but I think a pair of abstract silver-tone earrings would be a great way to showcase her artistic side. Camille, being a typical French girl, favors a simple, chic look, as evidenced by her mini bowler bag and coordinating mule shoes with a square toe.


This ensemble recalls Nurse Mildred Ratched’s signature monochromatic suit from the 1940s but does so in a more cheerful color scheme. Yellow belted blazer dress, white midi skirt, and white oxford shoes make up the all-white ensemble.

In an effort to convey the impression that she was a pure virgin, we dressed her in an ivory satin scarf with Hollywood glitz and adorned her lobes with fake pearl studs.

The vintage aesthetic heightened by adding a faux leather patent purse in a chocolate brown shade. Ratched’s evil look wouldn’t be complete without the 3CE Velvet Lip Tint, applied in multiple layers.


As with any performer, a con artist needs to dress the part. We learned this lesson from Anna Delvey. Who posed as a member of New York’s high society to entice investors. And make them believe she was a German heiress.

The pairing of a geometric midi skirt and a royal purple wrap knit top is a little wild. But also quite strategic. The orange pointy-toe slingbacks add a pop of summer color. And a touch of heiress-on-vacation cool to the ensemble.

Those finishing touches, like the accessories, make all the difference. Anna can look more put together. If she wears some classic accessories. Like a pair of hoops in a classic metal tone and a large boxy tote. Don’t leave home without your black sunglasses. Which will give you instant celebrity status.

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