Everything You Should Know about Amazon Marketing Service

Amazon Marketing Service(AMS) is a powerful Amazon’s platform where the sellers can simply get visibility for their product(s) right in front of relevant visitors via a pay-per-click (PPC) model that is based on the keywords, products, and even shopper interests.  The ams e commerce is highly in trend and you can see more and more businesses inclining towards it. The point is the traffic produced through PPC ads is directly proportional to how relevant you are to simply the buyer’s desired product.

For most of the Amazon sellers, advertising is going to inevitably take up most of the part of their general strategy. It is somewhat challenging if you don’t really know where and how to begin. In case you are selling or planning to sell on Amazon, it’s critical to become familiar and know everything that you are simply supposed to know about Amazon Marketing Service.

Significance of Amazon Marketing Service  

The Amazon AMS products make your overall products visible to as many relevant shoppers. They offer an interesting and powerful possibility like you can simply target individual product detail pages via Amazon Marketing Services.

Your advertisement will appear simply when customers are about to purchase your competitor’s product, giving you a great chance at altering their minds at the last minute. This way, you are going to have a greater chance at impressing the buyers into purchasing your overall product.

Becoming Eligible For Amazon Marketing Services 

Well, now this is one thing that you have to be prudent about if you want to get into this. Only approved Amazon accounts do qualify for Amazon Marketing Service. You require any one of the six given below credentials to access AMS:

  • Seller Central Account
  • An Advantage Central login
  • A Vendor Central login
  • A Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account
  • A Vendor Express login
  • An invitation to simply represent a vendor

Once you have any of this, you can go ahead with this venture of yours.

Quick types of AMS ads:

You can come across three types of AMS ad campaigns:

  • Sponsored Products Ads

These ads are a crucial part of Amazon’s Pay-Per-Click Advertising that boost the visibility of your product. They simply make your products more discoverable to possible buyers. With this Sponsored Product Ads, you can easily target keywords that are somewhat relevant to the search term of the possible buyer. In automatic type of keyword targeting, Amazon chooses the most relevant keywords for your products. Pay-per-click ads simply displays your product’s ad to the visitor and even in return, you pay amazon once the viewer clicks on it.

  • Headline Search Ads

These ads are a type of ad campaign that allow the Amazon sellers to endorse their products and brand to Amazon shoppers. These ads are somewhat keyword target and also operate on a pay-per-click type of basis. Headline Search Ads are situate at the top of the customer search results page, no matter the customer is shopping from a desktop page or simply a mobile app.


Thus, you should think about using an ecommerce campaign manager for your AMS.  After all, proper and smart marketing plays a critical role in bringing in the correct traffic for your overall products and brands.

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