How to Clean Large Area Rugs Yourself

Cleaning Large Area Rugs

Have you been stressed over how to clean your dirty area rug? Don’t worry, you can clean your large area rugs yourself without needing to contact a professional. To clean, brighten, and refresh area rugs, follow the steps below.

Your area rug or removable carpet will eventually require more than just another vacuuming. It’s time for thorough cleaning if stains are building up or there are persistent issues with dust (or, worse, dust mites). 

Fortunately, you can thoroughly clean your rug without hiring a professional. You simply need the proper equipment, cleaner, and strategy. 

Regardless of whether you have small or large area rugs, here is a step-by-step cleaning guide.

Step 1

Set Up a Station Outside

  • Set up a station to clean your rugs on a day with a clear and sunny forecast (ideally for the following few days).
  • The support mechanism you select must be far more durable than a clothesline because rugs are frequently rather heavy.
  • You can place bungee cords or heavy rope between two trees if you have them.
  • A robust wall of any kind and benches can both be used.

Pro tip: Since you’ll need to clean your rug outside throughout the summer, now is a great time to do it. You don’t want any cleansers to soak into the grass, so try to avoid setting up over the lawn.

Step 2

Completely Vacuum Both Sides

  • After vacuuming the rug’s fibers, turn it over and vacuum the other side to get rid of any remaining dust.
  • Once it is clean, carefully roll up the rug and take it outside to your washing station.
  • At the station, position it so that the right side is facing you.
  • At this point, if your rug is still dusty, you can beat it with a broom handle or other similar object to remove even more dust.

Pro tip: Give the rug a couple of firm knocks to observe if any dust clouds emerge without striking the rug too hard. If they do, strike them again.

Step 3

Examine Carpet Shampoos

  • Before using the carpet shampoo on the entire rug, always test it out first.
  • Apply a small amount to a spot or a small area, add some water, and let it sit for a few hours.
  • Return and clean that area with water.
  • Look closely to determine whether there is any fiber or color damage.

Pro tip: Look for carpet shampoos made specifically for the materials your rug was made of. Avoid attempting to produce your own homemade rug cleaning or utilizing any other cleaners that aren’t designed exclusively for rugs and carpets!

Step 4

Shampoo the Rug and Rinse It

  • Pull out the garden hose and give your rug a thorough rinsing after selecting a secure shampoo.

Pro tip: You need to properly prepare it for the shampoo application; don’t worry about getting it overly wet.

  • Work the shampoo thoroughly into the carpet fiber with the help of a robust brush with a thick handle.

Note: Lots of foam and scrubbing will be needed for this phase. Thoroughly wet the rug, and pay attention to any stains.

Step 5

Wash the Rug

  • Read the instructions before applying the shampoo to your rug and follow them to the letter.
  • Wipe down the rug once more when the time comes.

Note: It’s crucial to thoroughly rinse the shampoo out to avoid having any residue.

Step 6

Dry the Rug Off

  • To remove all the extra water, try to wring the rug as much as you can.

Pro tip: Use a squeegee to assist with this process.

  • You must wait until it is totally dry before bringing it back into your home.

Note: Drying could take several days, possibly even the weekend.

  • Consider transferring the rug to the laundry room or garage for safer drying.
  • When the rug is completely dry, even when you squeeze it firmly, you won’t be able to feel any water and it will likely be a little stiff.

Step 7

One Final Vacuuming

  • After placing the area rug back in its original location, vacuum it once more.

Note: Following washing, the carpet fibers may likely appear flattened and strange. A thorough cleaning is like combing your rug to get it back to how it should look.


There are methods for maintaining and cleaning carpets made of any material. With a little professional know-how, you can also get rid of even the most difficult stains! If you just follow our advice for keeping your area rugs clean, you’ll be able to enjoy lovely rugs for many years to come.

If the stains still persist after using the above procedure, it could be time to buy a new one for your house. Consider the Rug Gallery in Columbus, Ohio when looking for small or large area rugs if you want to get high-quality rugs with stunning designs. They are also offering 8×10 Area Rugs under 100$

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