Reasons to Pursue TESOL Certification for Teacher Education

Becoming a TESOL certified tutor is the key to teaching English as a second language in reputed schools. It enables you to become a top tutor that can fetch a handsome salary. TESOL certification also prepares you to be familiar with the concepts and best practices for managing challenging classroom questions and queries. If you are a non-native English speaker but wish to teach English as a second language, the TESOL course online certification is a requirement for teaching jobs abroad.

Though the quality of English will be evaluated during the interview, the TESOL certification has become an international standard when practicing teaching English overseas. Along with the technical aspects of English teaching, the certification also offers practical tips for classroom discipline and management. It helps you learn how to engage the students in fun activities and hands-on teaching experience before facing the actual classroom.

Things to Look For In TESOL Program

Choosing the TESOL program might seem like a tough decision, but when you know what to look for in the course will help in making the search easier. One of the first things to look for is the institute offering the course. You must also look for the delivery method i.e., offline or online, based on your preferences. Then you need to look for the number of hours. Some courses offer 120 hours, while others offer 150 hours.

Based on the specific age group or the type of English you wish to teach, you can search for more specialized courses. When you look for additional aspects of the certification, it sets you apart when applying for the dream teaching position.

Advantages of TESOL Certification

  • Develop a meaningful career

Helping others in learning English can be a rewarding experience. You will get an opportunity to learn about yourself and a new culture. It enables you to discover passions or talents that you might never know you had. You will get a chance to improve networking and make new friends with fellow tutors. The course will also allow you to help adults in learning English when they immigrate to an English-speaking county. Also, TESOL professionals who have experience of living and working abroad will be able to empathize with students going through a similar experience.

  • TESOL certificate is internationally recognized

With TESOL certification, you get to teach English as a second language in institutions and schools across the globe. The certification is a reflection of you completing the training course for teaching English. It offers international employers an assurance of your skills and knowledge for offering a positive and engaging learning environment.

Most of the international schools need this type of certification. Make sure you check with prospective employers about academic needs in the state you need to work.

  • Skills will add value to your resume

Another advantage of getting a TESOL certificate is that it serves as a professional development tool. Not only does it look impressive on your resume, but it also helps in developing skills that can prove to be helpful in the workplace, such as time management, leadership skills, management skills, and cross-cultural communication skills. The course will offer skills which will be appreciated anywhere. When you apply for a job, having some professional credentials on your resume enhances your chances of getting more job opportunities.

  • Gain competitive advantage

Most of the institutes prefer to have an English language tutor with a TESOL certificate. When you have a TESOL certificate, it improves your chances of being hired over other candidates who don’t have the TESOL qualification. It is all the more important when you are looking forward to working in international schools where you are likely to face fierce competition. TESOL certification is only a credential that improves your job prospects but also makes you a versatile and marketable tutor.

You don’t need a degree to be qualified for the TESOL certification course. However, getting a TESOL certification is an excellent way of entering the English teaching industry without a degree. While there is no specific requirement that needs to be followed for TESOL, it certainly helps to get a bachelor’s degree.

One of the most cost-effective options to get TESOL certification is to get it done online. The online course is comparatively cheaper as it can be pursued from home as well instead of moving to a new place and bearing the cost of living. Also, the TESOL course online is extremely flexible and allows you to learn on your own schedule and time.

Considering the above-mentioned benefits of a TESOL certificate, it is a great choice for individuals who want to make a career in English teaching in a foreign country. It is an internationally recognized certificate that opens a path for making a career in a new country. Make sure you choose the right institute for the course.

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