What You Should Know Before You Get Beautiful Calacatta Quartz In Essex

Beautiful Calacatta Quartz

Separating The Facts From The Myth 

It is commonly assumed that Quartz, and especially Calacatta Quartz is a completely engineered stone. This is far from true. Quartz is a naturally occurring crystal. Quartz is used to make worktops and is infinitely customizable. As such it can be made in many colours as well as White And Calacatta Quartz worktops.

Moreover, granite is quite on the expensive side of things. To add to this, Beautiful Calacatta Quartz In Essex is often specially sourced when customers need it. This adds to the price even more. As a result, Calacatta quartz has grown highly popular.

People are riddled with doubts about this material, despite its popularity. There are also a lot of myths that cover the truth. It is time to break out of these myths and learn the truth about Calacatta Quartz worktops. 

An Engineered Worktop

Quartz crystals are a naturally occurring material. On the other hand, the Beautiful Calacatta Quartz in Essex is man-made. Quartz, resin, and pigments are used in its manufacture. It contains about 93% crushed quartz crystals and the remaining is resin. It is customized according to customer preference with the help of various pigments. 

The gorgeous veins on marble and Calacatta marble are recreated on quartz this way. In addition to this, quartz is often used to mimic granite and other natural stones. This is not all, quartz imitating concrete has also become very popular. This preference is due to the durability and reliability of quartz. 

Key Identifiers

One of the most important things you should know about Calacatta marble is the gorgeous expanse of white and gold and grey veins. Marble is known for this very pattern. The gold elements in Calacatta marble only elevate it to another level altogether. 

This exact pattern is replicated in quartz worktops. Not many people can identify the difference between marble and quartz that’s been customised to look like marble. To know the difference, you need to see the raw material. Quartz worktops are naturally glossy due to the resin used in their manufacture. 

Marble, on the other hand, has no natural shine. It will look a bit raw and porous. It is sealed after it is installed in kitchens and will thus look raw until then. These are some of the key identifiers between Calacatta Quartz and Calacatta Marble.

Fulfilling A Variety Of Purposes

Marble and Calacatta Quartz can be used beyond the kitchen as well. White And Calacatta Quartz worktops are a great choice for bathrooms. Since it is made with polymer resin, it is highly resistant to moisture common in bathrooms. 

In addition, many people prefer to use it for flooring in their homes. Moreover, it is also commonly used in banks and other institutions as a low-cost, low-maintenance replacement for Calacatta marble. 

Durability – Never In Question

You cannot talk about quartz without mentioning its durability. This is one of the major reasons for its popularity. It is highly durable and affordable too. Moreover, it can be used to replicate the more popular and expensive stones with ease. 

Its manufacture makes it resistant to water and thus stains. This makes it immensely popular as a kitchen worktop. Secondly, it’s prepared in vacuum and heat, thus making it well able to bear the immense amount of heat. 

Maintenance Is A Piece Of Cake

This is another great thing about quartz in general. It is easy to maintain whether you go for plain white or Calacatta quartz. This stone can be customised in any colour and yet remains easy to maintain. It does not stain and is not porous. 

Moreover, you don’t need to seal it every year or worse, multiple times a year to maintain its condition. It is one of the few materials that can do with limited maintenance. Additionally, it is also much easier to clean regularly. 

No need for bleaches and harmful chemicals. Simply use mild and environmentally friendly dish soap to clean it. No need to scrub and wipe off the water with a clean cloth. This is all it requires by way of maintenance – making it a popular choice among homeowners. 

Luxury At An Affordable Price Range

Quartz, unlike marble and granite, is highly affordable. At the same time, it can also be used to imitate these popular stones. Thus making it highly affordable while providing a luxurious look. Moreover, this point is not only about the fact that it can imitate popular stones at a low price. 

Quartz, in and of itself, is a highly luxurious material. It can be glossy, neat, and beautiful just like granite or marble while also being much cheaper. This makes it one of the most affordable high-end worktops out on the market today. 

It is a big favourite of many homeowners due to its luxuriousness at an affordable price range. It can be glossy or matte and can replicate any stone of your choice such as White And Calacatta Quartz worktops.

Say Goodbye To Stains And Scratches

As stated above, this material is manufactured using resin. This protects the true material from scratches and stains. Any spill or stain will not be able to permeate the resin layer. All this, without having to seal it regularly. 

Additionally, it will not scratch easily either. Even if it does, it can be simply sealed with resin and the scratch is as good as gone. Unlike granite and marble, you don’t need to buff it to remove scratches and eventually wear it down to nothing. 


Quartz is highly durable, easy to care for, and most importantly, affordable. It also does not require much maintenance and does well in busy households. It is a luxurious worktop that is available at a highly competitive price range. 

Moreover, these worktops are gorgeous. You can have Beautiful Calacatta Quartz In Essex instead of marble. It will save you much time and money in terms of sourcing as well as maintenance and repairs in the long run.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether or not it is the right choice for you. Consider the above factors and educate yourself on this material before you buy it. Make informed decisions.

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