Why Your Link Building Strategy Isn’t Producing the Desired Results?

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The day when a successful link-building strategy prioritized number above quality is long gone. Although link building is currently a unicorn, it nevertheless plays a crucial role in a dynamic search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

An analysis of 11.8 million Google search results showed that the first result has roughly four times as many backlinks as positions two and ten. The evidence suggests that backlink profiles affect your ranking. But regrettably, many companies continue to make costly link building errors that adversely affect their rankings without their knowledge.

Common Blunders in Link Building

Any link-building tactics meant to influence Google’s PageRank, as mentioned in Google Search Central (previously Google Webmasters), might cause Google to penalize your website, harming your overall link-building SEO strategy and reducing or even halting site traffic.

To ensure that this doesn’t occur to you, hire the best SEO Company in Malaysia and be careful to avoid the following things:

Underestimating User Intent:

Ignoring user intent is perhaps one of the most frequent link-building errors. The user’s objective or aim when doing an internet search is referred to as user intent, also known as search intent or query intent.

When you disregard user intent when generating SEO content, you come to seem as unresponsive and irrelevant.

User intent should thus be your priority when you produce a guest post for a pertinent, third-party website as you generate backlinks.

Lack of Link-Worthy Content Production:

Google wants websites to get backlinks naturally as opposed to purchasing or trading connections. Your website will probably get backlinks naturally if you use white hat SEO strategies and provide material that is deserving of links, which will result in other websites sharing your content or citing it as a source.

Making Poor Outreach Attempts to Obtain Backlinks:

Your ability to reach out to potential link partners is crucial to the success of your link-building SEO campaign. Your outreach effort will be unproductive if you send poor outreach emails to your prospects since you’ll either be ignored or, worse yet, marked as spam.

The following advice on link development and outreach:

  • Be sure to include the relevant information in your subject line while keeping it simple.
  • State a fair intended outcome, but avoid saying anything you wouldn’t say in person.
  • Describe the benefits of what you’re providing to them and their audience, using statistics as evidence.
  • Be sure to revise your writing and use appropriate grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Be courteous while displaying urgency while sending follow-ups.

Buy Backlinks Without Thinking:

Purchasing links to manipulate their system and go against their Webmaster Guidelines is another link technique that Google takes into account.

Link exchanges occur when:

  • Trade links or any other posts with links for cash.
  • Trade linkages for goods or services.
  • Provide someone with free goods to encourage them to write about you and link to your website.

Here are some other ways link schemes may harm your website:

  • Overblown link exchanges
  • Broad-based promotion via articles or guest posts with links that are keyword-rich
  • Using automatic tools to build links to your website
  • Requiring a connection as a condition of any agreement or in your terms of service

Exact Anchor Text Being Used Excessively in Seo:

Some people misuse exact match anchor text to raise the website’s ranking.

An anchor text is text that may be clicked on in a hyperlink. These links are used by users to move between internal and external web pages. While hyperlinks may be used on photos, they are most frequently recognized as the blue text that automatically underlines itself when the mouse pointer is moved over it.

Although it’s recommended to utilize exact anchor text that closely resembles a keyword, overusing it or forgetting to add keyword variants will hurt your link-building and SEO efforts.

Putting Quality Under Pressure:

When establishing a link-building plan with an SEO in Malaysia, a common mistake is to sacrifice quality for numbers. Search engine optimization specialists with bad intentions may try to persuade you that their strategy for obtaining quality links is effective. However, they merely take your money and send you a ton of low-quality backlinks instead of helping you improve your rankings.

This may seem incredible at first glance: You open your SEO tool and see the sea of backlinks, the more backlinks, the better – but not always.

Each backlink has a different amount of authority. Some of them could be poisonous backlinks, which are spammy or subpar links that are more likely to lower your rankings than raise them. High-quality backlinks are preferable to high-quantity backlinks since it is more likely that they will originate from authoritative, trustworthy, and relevant websites.

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