Want to become a lifeguard by following a training course?

lifeguard certification

Curious what a lifeguard does?

You work in a great environment; the Aqua Mundo. Here you and the team ensure that bathers have a fun, but also safe time. Lifeguard certification do this by monitoring and, if necessary, taking preventive action. For example, you provide first aid. A safe swimming pool must of course be maintained. You perform light maintenance tasks and minor cleaning work. For example, you test the water quality by taking samples. Furthermore, our Aqua Mundo has various facilities, including our sauna and sun canopy.

You help guests with the sale of tickets for these facilities and provide them with more information.

You will end up in a cozy team. Your managers work with you on the floor. As a result, they and all your colleagues can teach you a lot. And who knows, you might manage this team yourself in the future, because there are plenty of career opportunities at Center Parcs!

What do we offer you?

  • A flexible job that can be easily combined with a study or family;
  • A contract of … hours per week;
  • travel allowance;
  • pension scheme;
  • Discount pass for yourself and for the family you are part of with substantial discounts and activities, such as free bowling and swimming;
  • 20% discount on a stay at one of our parks;
  • An annual staff party, Christmas drink and Sinterklaas party;
  • A great team that often enjoys a drink after work;
  • Internal training, such as first aid and rescue swimming.

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Who are you?

You don’t have to have experience working in a swimming pool, because we teach you! It is important that you can swim, but you don’t necessarily have to be a “baywatch type” to do this job well (although they are of course also very welcome ). In our team, the age is between 18 and 59 years, both men and women. A super fun, mixed group!

To work in the swimming pool you eventually need a first aid and ZRZ (Swimming Rescue for Swimming Pools) diploma. Don’t you have these diplomas yet? No problem! We don’t just let you jump into the deep end, because you can get these diplomas through Center Parcs.

Regardless of your education, age or gender, you are very welcome in our swimming pool!

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