5 ideas for LED lights in your home


These are the best ideas for installing LED lights at home and decorating the different rooms in your home.

LED lighting is within everyone’s reach. Its prices have dropped considerably and we can safely say that it has become a standard for most consumers. Yes, the most common thing today is to buy light bulbs with this technology for home lamps. But what if you just want to be more artistic? What interesting ideas for LED lights in your house do you have? Keep reading, because here are some very striking proposals.

smart home

In the following sections, we give you ideas to make better use of LED lighting at home. We are talking about common spaces, such as the dining room or the bedrooms, but also other elements that are decorated less frequently, such as the toilet bowl or a mirror. Keep reading to discover which are the most interesting proposals.

lines of light

We start with a classic: light lines. Mainly, it is about installing LED strips on walls and ceilings creating linear shapes. Obviously, these must be integrated into the surface and prevent them from protruding. The result is exquisite and may well be merely decorative or to illuminate a space. Of course, it is always possible to choose the occasional RGB LED strip to give each line a unique touch of color go to https://www.lightr.us/.

light pit

The light pit consists of the use of a false ceiling in order to create the space required to install lights. In a certain way, a kind of pit is being generated which, once illuminated with LED strips, offers a very pleasant ambient lighting. Perhaps the main drawback of this proposal is that it is necessary for a specialist to install the pit with the false ceiling. But, once this step has been overcome, you will have a perfect space to install LED lighting. The alternative is to buy a frame that already includes the relevant lighting, like the one we recommend below.

Toilet bowl lighting

We cannot deny it: the toilet bowl is not the most glamorous area of ​​a house. However, improving its appearance involves giving it a touch of light. Some devices sold on the Internet are in charge of that, which even include a sensor to detect the opening of the WC. Best of all, they are very affordable.

decoration behind the tv

The setting behind the television is a classic for lovers of light decoration. In fact, there are brands that offer a system built into their TVs to provide ambiance while playing content, such as the Philips Ambilight. But if you can’t afford to buy a television with this feature, the smart LED strips that we propose, which are also controlled from your mobile, are ideal for giving that ambient touch to your film sessions and series.

ambient lights

Let’s go now with a more generic proposal. LED lights, especially those RGB ones, help you to give atmosphere in any space. Here are some recommendations that will help you give a personal touch to your living room, kitchen, or any other room in your home. In reference to this, we recommend the guide on LED lights for monitors

LED shower lights

The bathroom is a space in which to relax. Those who enjoy the moment of the shower have several options to make that moment even more special. What do you think of this showerhead with LED lights? There is nothing better to give an idyllic touch to your showers.

. It will serve as inspiration to give atmosphere to various areas of the home.

outdoor lighting

Another place to take advantage of LED lighting is outdoors. In this sense, it is possible to use lamp holders to install light bulbs in any corner. Also, the LED strips, which give you more play when it comes to installing light in flowerpots and in corners of the garden. But the recommendation that we want to make for this space is the garlands. Remember that, whatever lighting device you choose, it is essential that it be resistant to dust and water.

Pools full of color

The lucky ones who have a pool at home can give it a unique touch with LED lighting. The normal thing is that, for safety, this space has enough light bulbs to see clearly if someone bathes at night. But you can always replace these bulbs with RGB LED lights. If you have more than one, creating an effect with several color combinations will seem very attractive.

LED strips for mirrors

We have already told you about lighting in the shower. Now, we propose the installation of some LED elements in the mirror of the basement or in your room. The effect achieved is very similar to that of the mirrors in dressing rooms. In any case, beyond aesthetics, it is a way of seeing yourself more clearly.

Courtesy light on stairs

The stairs are dangerous. Installing LED lights on the contours of each step can give a unique touch to this space, in addition to improving security at night. The easiest way to do it is with the occasional LED strip. If you want to give it a touch of color, make sure that it is RGB lighting.

Well-lit kitchen counter

The kitchen counter is a workspace. Sometimes this area is not well-lit, especially if you have overhead cabinets. Why not take advantage of them to install LED lights? In this way, you will have greater visibility when you cut the potatoes for your next gala dinner. Oh, and don’t forget interior lighting for each closet. Some of the LED lights that are sold turn on automatically.

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