How helpful is Agile Methodology



Today Agile stands strong as one of the most popular and easy solutions to project management.  This is because of its flexible and evolutionary nature. It came to the market in 2001 with the Agile manifesto and was initially made for software development. However, with time agile project management flourished and became a popular choice for many other project managers, irrespective of the industry they are working for. To learn about this project management feature, you can take up Agile Training in Noida for easier and faster productivity. Basically, Agile is an iterative and incremental approach to project management that enables teams to keep up with the growing demands of the modern-era workplace.

Benefits of incorporating Agile methodology in the project management

  1. Superior Quality: With Agile project management, the client and the team are on the same page throughout the project during frequent meetings. This ensures the client is always aware of what is developing, how it looks, and how far in the process the team working. This allows the client to give feedback immediately after a certain development and further issues can easily be discussed. Additionally, it improves communication and faster resolutions. Its, easy-setting feature allows the team to find and fix bugs quicker, and look after the code throughout the development process. And thus, improving the product’s overall quality in real-time.
  2. Better control: Agile enables managers to access better control over the project with its transparency, quality control, and feedback integration features. While ensuring the project quality throughout the implementation phase of the project it also gives stakeholders daily progress reports through advanced reporting tools and techniques.
  3. Easier project predictability: It becomes easier to predict risk and come up with effective plans. This happens because of easy visibility to all stakeholders. Hence with easy risk prediction, the project runs smoothly.
  4. Customer satisfaction: With the involvement of stakeholders at every step it results in better customer retention. However, through the traditional framework, the customer is only present in the planning phase. And it does not influence execution which affects flexibility and adaptability. With the customer in the loop and making changes on the basis of their feedback, you deliver value to the customer and make sure that the final product is truly according to their requirements.

Some other benefits of Agile methodology can be as such;

  1. Flexible priorities: One of the major Agile software development benefits is its high flexibility. Agile teams are generally smaller. But, owing to the Agile feedback loop and constant communication between parties working together. All changes to the backlog are not as costly and time-consuming as they are in a traditional project management setting. Functionalities’ priorities can change, and the backlog can redevelop and adapt to the industry surroundings and the current market situation.
  2. Team development: Agile teams are mostly self-managing and self-organized. They consist of bigger autonomy in comparison to traditionally managed teams. Therefore, they take ownership of their work and collaborate to remove roadblocks together. Self-management is proven to build creativity and innovation among team members. So, they are more likely to propose alternative solutions and care for their work. Self-management and agile approaches inspire both personal and team growth. And further allows them to exchange experiences and learn every day just as a part of their work setting.


With agile, Managers’ works become easy and allows better control over their projects. Adding to its benefits Agile focuses on both delivering quality and value to the customer. And further, completing the project within the given project constraints with better customer satisfaction. To learn about its methodology, Agile Training in Gurgaon will guide you through the correct path. However, with transparency, quality, flexibility, and continuous improvement it is growing strong in the business world.

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