The cheapest six-monthly auto insurance in November 2022

Choosing auto insurance is always a sore point for hundreds of people. The offers are many and it is often difficult to disentangle the various types, arriving to identify the one that best suits your needs.

Even if some people don’t really know what to do to be able to save on this expense , finding a solution is possible, with the plus of being able to pay for car liability more lightly.

To understand how to save on the policy , it is necessary to make a general overview on this topic. Specifically in this article we will focus on the cheapest half- yearly insurance policies currently in circulation auto insurance.

What is meant by semester insurance

This term refers to a type of monthly car policy , specifically for a six-month term. Simply put, it’s insurance that only covers your car for six months.

But there is also a second meaning: half-yearly motor liability insurance also means a policy with a duration of 1 year, with half- yearly payment , or divided into two installments to be paid six months apart.

Temporary car liability: when it’s convenient

Term policies are useful if you own a vehicle that you use only occasionally. Particularly convenient in the case of motorcycles to be used only during the summer, or convertible cars or vintage cars to take part in parades and rallies. In a nutshell, they are used in all those cases in which the use of the vehicle is not constant, but limited to a certain period of time, for a few months a year, while for most of the time it will be a vehicle that remains in the garage.

The coverages provided are the same as for online and traditional insurance, i.e. civil liability , theft and fire , Kasko , only that they are limited to a period of time which is usually less than a year (duration of the standard policy). Once the expiry has been reached, the policy will no longer be active and consequently the vehicle will be uninsured.

Even though many people think that half-yearly insurance costs exactly half of an annual term, we have to dispel this myth. Temporary Cheap car insurance is especially convenient when we need a very short period of coverage, but it becomes less convenient as time gets longer.

Unfortunately , the prize is higher than half of a traditional prize, which is why it is always good to carefully evaluate the offers. 

Six-monthly insurance expired: what happens

You have opted for half-yearly insurance, but the coverage period has ended. So what happens if the half – year insurance has expired ? If you intend to continue using the vehicle, you will need to get in touch with the chosen company to extend the contract period and arrange for the payment of the installment. If, on the other hand, you have chosen this type of policy because you have a vehicle that you use little, then you must know that for the first 15 days after the expiry, the insurance coverage is still guaranteed; from the 16th day, however, the insurance will be suspended and you will not be able to count on any type of coverage in the event of an accident or other cases.

Car insurance with payment every 6 months

Six- monthly payment insurance is a traditional policy with an annual duration, in which the premium is divided into two installments which are to be paid six months apart from each other. Precisely for this installment, the premium undergoes an increase of 8-10%, as the costs called splitting rights are applied auto insurance.

However, it must be considered that being able to pay the entire amount foreseen to activate the policy in installments is especially convenient because it helps to support the expense with greater peace of mind, without the need to have a high budget ready for use.

The best biannual auto insurance has compared the best half-yearly insurance policies with the most convenient offers . Here’s what they are.

6 months insurance

The policy is certainly one of the most convenient half-yearly auto policies . The latter is an online insurance company that has recently achieved extraordinary success: it manages to provide the customer with a solution that is not too expensive and decidedly affordable even for those on a reduced budget. Among the advantages offered, there is certainly the coverage for civil liability , not limited only to the driver, but also for damage to third parties , for damage due to towing, for any minor children and for damage caused by an explosion or fire .. The formula is that of free driving, moreover, the policy issue is very simple and takes place through the classic issue of circular documents.

Six-monthly Zurich Connect insurance

The solution offered by Zurich Connect can also be included among the economic six-monthly insurance policies . It is a RC with direct compensation . The semi-annual RCA Zurich also covers for damage due to towing, for situations involving an explosion or fire of the vehicle and for minor children.

As if that weren’t enough, Zurich with its policy offers a wide choice of extras to add. For example, it will be possible to decide whether to opt for free driving, exclusive driving or private driving, with the policy varying in price and conditions depending on how many drivers there are for the car. In any case, you will always be able to find the insurance formula that meets your needs with Zurich Connect.

Six-monthly insurance Linear

The Linear option is also included among the six-monthly economic insurance policies . The latter turns out to be a good company, chosen by hundreds of people in Italy and beyond. Again, the 6-monthly Linear policy is a direct pay RC . There are no retributions to fear and the ceiling of a six-monthly insurance stipulated with Linear is really high. When it comes to economic repairs, therefore, your damages should be covered by insurance. The civil liability covered by this insurance applies when you are involved in road accidents; the latter may also include damage due to an explosion or fire of the vehicle and circulation on a private road. The Linear six-monthly insurance formula is that of free driving . The policy is therefore not linked to a single driver, but applies to anyone who transports the vehicle.

Allianz 6 months insurance

Allianz Direct is the insurance company present in over 70 countries including Italy, which offers different types of policies , adapting to the needs of its customers. Among the many services offered, there is also the possibility of splitting the premium every six months , the direct reporting of any accidents auto insurance, the suspension of the policy and complete assistance in case of any need.

Half-yearly insurance Before

 Establishing itself more and more as a solid insurance agency specializing in policies of all types : cars, motorcycles, vans, homes. Attention to the customer has always come first and this has allowed Prima to become a point of reference for many customers. Among the services offered, the possibility of paying the insurance premium in installments in up to 12 installments (a small installment each month), complete coverage, immediate issuance of documents and the possibility of free suspension of the policy should certainly be highlighted.

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