How to Offer the Christmas Menu on Your Digital Menu Boards?

Digital Menu: The Christmas holiday season is a time when many food businesses or restaurants operate with a minimum staff. In addition, as a restaurant or food business, your focus is to make Christmas dinner unforgettable for your customers. 

On the occasion of Christmas, your restaurant’s décor, customer service, and your brand’s small touches contribute to the overall customer experience. It enables the customer to return to your restaurant at also some other occasions.

A Digital menu board can be a crucial plus point of your restaurant business. Because it enables you to do deals or promotions instantly. You can also allow your customers to order and check out contactless.

Restaurants use the Christmas menu on your digital menu boards

For any restaurant business, Christmas is a busy time in which after the cooking part of the Christmas apple pie and turkey is over, the arranging food part begins. It takes a lot of time to promote your festive offerings, design your menu, and decorate your food in red, white, and gold.

Designing a traditional print menu is not only a time-consuming process. But it also limits your freedom as a restaurateur to express your mood and set the mood for the season. A sign company near me to help you if you want to add new items to your Christmas buffet menu or remove a dish from the menu then you need to reprint the menu.

People always spend a lot of time hiring a graphic designer for their special festive menu. But an easy alternative is to use a Christmas menu template for design ideas. These templates are pre-built, ready-made design frameworks. They help you to easily edit any template and fit it into your digital menu board.

While using Christmas food menu templates, you don’t have to worry about resolution, size, or aspect ratio. A common man can easily design his digital menu by using different templates to create designs that cut a month’s worth of work down to a few hours.

Ideas of adding Christmas menu on digital menu board

Signworld group digital menu board entreaty provides a beautiful collection of free digital menu designs for your everyday use and special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays. 

Your digital signage display needs to look so attractive. This offers a Christmassy and healthy atmosphere to your customers when they feast on their meals.

So, here are a few ideas to add the Christmas holiday menu to your digital menu board:

Christmas dinner menu designs

Christmas almost comes in the weather when there is snowing outside. So, you need to create warmth with your Christmas dinner menu design. Add an animated video of a piping hot au gratin or a deliciously juicy turkey to whet your customer’s appetite.

Christmas drinks menu designs

Your Christmas menu should include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The animated animation of ice cubes falling into a smooth cranberry margarita or some vintage bourbon can give your customers that down-home feeling they crave during the holidays.

Christmas lunch menu designs

Sign company near me grease your digital menu board with some beef steaks or heart-warming seafood dishes. You can also add a lively animation of Rudolph swinging around with a smile for this cute lunchtime spot.

Christmas buffet menu designs

Christmas is not just enjoyable without a hearty meal to start your day. Add festive sprinkles to your brunch menu to enhance your digital menu board with animations of Maui onions or honey-dripping almonds and a beautifully lit Christmas tree with Christmas music playing in the background.

Beautiful Christmas menu designs

Customers love to sit back and eat great meals like smoked salmon and beef burgers. They want to eat such delicious food until it’s too hard to walk again for them. 

If you’re a minimalist, you’ll find some beautiful Christmas menu designs that will complement the cozy holiday atmosphere of your meal.

Christmas party menu designs

Christmas party menu designs are a Christmas celebration without some delicious treats. An animated strawberry mini or Christmas tree waffle on your digital menu board could be the solution that allure your customers to order more delicious food.


The benefits of digital menu boards go beyond the aesthetics of the board. Using digital menu boards this Christmas will improve the experience of your guests, maximize your revenue and improve the efficiency of your staff.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for digital signage solutions, you’ve come to the right place. Signworld’s digital signage has designed software that is adaptable and changes quickly to meet the changing needs of your restaurant menu. Digital menu boards can be displayed in any size or shape of a restaurant, cafe, or bar.

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