Home: which one is convenient in 2022?

Home convenient, unlike mortgages, do not require the registration of any mortgage on the home. Furthermore, customers do not have to pay preliminary costs. The procedure is simpler, but the maximum amount that can be granted is lower than with a mortgage.

Home , granted by banks or authorized financial companies, are products designed to allow consumers to raise liquidity and purchase a low-value property, a garage or furnishing accessories . These products are also designed to finance renovations and maintenance within the four walls.

The difference between a and a mortgage lies in the amount granted. The maximum amount generally does not exceed 50,000 euros in the case of a . Those who opt for this form of financing do not have to register any mortgage on the house and do not have to face preliminary costs. It is certainly a more easily manageable product and with a more streamlined procedure.

The most advantageous home proposals for 2022

Let’s assume that a 43-year-old from Rome applies for a 30,000 euro to purchase a garage. Let’s assume that the has a term of 10 years. The survey was carried out on March 4 and presents among the best home:

  • UniCredit personal
  • Findomestic Banca personal
  • Agos personal

UniCredit personal 

Home convenient: In first place is UniCredit ‘s personal with a monthly installment of 332.91 euros (Taeg 6.16% and Tan 5.99%). Digital signature, personalized advice in the branch and zero fees : these are the strengths of this dedicated to personal and family expenses. CreditExpress Dynamic, in fact, allows you to finance the purchase, energy requalification and renovation of your home. The amount that can be financed is between 3,000 and 100,000 euros ; the expected durations are between 36 and 120 months . There are no compulsory insurance costs.

The required documents are: valid identity document, tax code, residence permit, last pay slip (if employee), single model (if self-employed), last pension slip (if retired). For the purchase of the first and second home and related appurtenances or for the purchase of land, the following are required: documentation certifying the real intention to purchase and the amount of the property to be purchased and any sales compromise or purchase proposal signed for acceptance by the seller.

Findomestic Banca personal 

Findomestic Banca offers personal with a monthly installment of 355.40 euros (Taeg 7.71% and Tan 7.45%) convenient. Customers can count on the multi-channel (web, telephone and agency) and proceed online with a digital signature. Another strong point is the absence of ancillary costs . This home is aimed at employees, self-employed workers and retirees. The amount that can be financed is between 15,000 and 60,000 euros; the expected duration is equal to 120 months .

The documents required to access the credit are: valid identity document, tax code, a utility bill in the name, the latest single model for self-employed workers, the latest pay slip and the latest Single Certification for employees, a pension slip for the retirees. The sum is granted directly to the current account or by check sent with conventional insurance.

Agos personal 

Among the best home in March there is also Agos personal with a monthly payment of 352.20 euros (7.71% Taeg and 7.25% Tan). This is aimed at all individuals with demonstrable income documentation. The amount that can be financed is from 3,001 to 9,999 euros and from 10,001 to 30,000 euros; the expected durations are between 12 and 120 months .

The documents required for the Agos home are: identity document, tax code and last paycheck for employees, single model for the self-employed, pension slip for pensioners. Customers receive the transfer directly to their current account and the refund is always made by direct debit on the account.

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