Why Should Real Estate Sites Avoid Shared Hosting?

Real estate sites are enjoying popularity and high user traffic due to the growth in the industry. Instead of managing everything on the ground or in papers, real estate agencies handle data and updates on the site. They include the details of all the listings, addresses, values, profitability, and information about owners. All of this is confidential information that cannot be shared with just anyone.

Hosting is an essential need of real estate sites too. Most such sites opt for shared hosting as it is cost-efficient. It is suitable in the initial stages, but as soon as your site starts growing, you need to upscale. Sticking to shared hosting for the long term can expose you to numerous drawbacks and issues.

Give an in-depth read to this article to explore and learn why real estate should avoid getting shared hosting and what are other suitable options.

Top 6 Reasons Real Estate Sites Should Avoid Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is often the very first choice of newer setups, and real estate sites are no exception. It helps them limit their expenses and focus on other matters. However, as the site keeps growing, shared hosting becomes more problematic than beneficial. This is why real estate sites should start looking for better hosting options; otherwise, they can face numerous issues.

Here are some of the major reasons real estate sites should avoid shared hosting and look for other better options and plans.

1. Resource Limitations

Resource limitation is the first and foremost reason real estate sites should avoid shared hosting. Such a hosting plan requires the site to share resources like disk space, bandwidth, CPU, and memory. The resources are not just shared with a single site but numerous on the same server. It leads to limitations in the availability of resources and hinders site functioning. This is why real estate site owners consult UAE hosting services for ideal plans and opt for the most suitable one.

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2. Shared IP Address

A shared IP address is the next important reason real estate sites should avoid shared hosting. Suppose you are renting a unit in a building that has lent a unit to criminals. Even if you enjoy higher clientele initially, it will decline with time as people become aware of the presence of criminals. You will not want to share your address with criminals. Sharing IP addresses is similar though you might not be aware of the presence of malicious sites on the same server. It will ultimately hurt your site in terms of security and reputation. So, consider other hosting options.

3. Inconsistent Performance

One of the biggest reason real estate sites should avoid shared hosting is inconsistent performance. The shared resources are a leading cause behind it. On the other hand, if one site on the server is facing an influx in traffic, it will slow down other sites on the same server too. You might have to face frequent downtimes, poor site loading speed, and issues in backup management. All of this will prompt your online traffic to quit the site and move to that of your competitors. So, ensure a hosting plan which promises consistent and exceptional performance.

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4. Lack of Privacy

Another important reason real estate sites should avoid shared hosting is the lack of privacy. At times, sites have to approve file-sharing permissions. Giving permission to the wrong authorities can expose your data to other sites on the server. It will compromise the privacy of your site, data, and users, even if it is only by mistake. You can opt for VPS or dedicated hosting to avoid any compromise on your site’s security and privacy.

5. Security Concerns

Another significant reason real estate sites should give up on shared hosting is security concerns. The sites share server space with numerous other sites. If one gets attacked by hackers, other sites on the server will not be safe but at a high risk of security breaches. Real estate sites often include property details of their users or clients. Losing all this data to hackers can give rise to numerous issues and concerns. So, you should look for a hosting plan which can promise uncompromised security.

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6. Limited Business Value

The last but most crucial reason real estate sites should give up on shared hosting is that it offers limited business value. There is a higher risk of potential downtimes for the site, which can continue even for hours. During this time, your target audience will not be able to access the site and move to that of your competitors. It will hurt your business reputation and cause loss to your account too. Never accept a compromise on your business values. You can contact and consult the best web hosting provider in UAE and explore the best options which add value to your site.

Are you looking for a hosting plan for a real estate site?

Do not just opt for any less expensive hosting plan, as it might not fulfill the need and requirements of your site. Feel free to contact professional hosting services to discuss and explore ideal options for your site and pick the one which offers the maximum benefits.

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