How to Use Pinterest for Business: 4 Strategies You Need

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Are you using Pinterest to plan your dream vacation or inspiration for your interior decoration?

If you think Pinterest has less potential for your business than any other social media platform, then, my friend, you are doing it wrong. 

Let us break this down for you. Pinterest has revealed that in February 2021, there were 459 million monthly active users on the platform. And more importantly, 89% of users are on Pinterest for purchase inspiration. 

Owing to this data, as a business owner, you can use this platform for marketing your products. And the fact is that Pinterest offers business owners of unique sizes the to play with the platform and expose their brand to a newer audience daily. It only depends on your mindful Pinterest marketing strategies to use the platform in the best possible way. 

However, if you struggle with the platform, you have landed in the right place. 

In this blog, we have rounded up 4 Pinterest strategies you need for your business. So, let’s see what we have for you without dilly dally. 

4 Pinterest Strategies For Your Business

Pinterest has always been under the shadow of marketers and business owners. One of the fundamental reasons for this was that most of them needed to learn how to dominate the platform. However, we have cracked the code for you. Have a look. 

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile 

If you want to increase your visibility on a platform, you have to optimize your profile first. Before creating content on Pinterest, you must create a clear road map for your Pinterest marketing strategy. This roadmap will help you to optimize your Pinterest profile. 

You will gain a clear insight into how you want to shape your presence on the platform. You can keep the following pointers in mind while optimizing your Pinterest profile.

  • Choose a username that defines your business well. Make sure to use the same username across all the platforms. This helps you to stand as an authenticated brand on social media. 
  • For any social media platform, its bio is essential and useful. After all, it leaves the first impression on your visitors. Therefore, we recommend you write a bio that mirrors your brand value. 
  • Pinterest is a visual-based platform; therefore, your pictures SHOULD tell thousands of stories. Honestly, people are not hovering on Pinterest to read an 800 words essay. Try to use vibrant colors and fonts for the video and pictures to tell your stories. 

Recipe To The Content That Gets You Viral 

An amazing pin helps you earn high engagement, has a greater impact on your audience and is highly optimized. Two of the main ingredients of an amazing pin are the amalgamation of great content and SEO-friendly description. 

A description of your pin gives context to your posts and helps your content mirror what your visitors need. You can create cohesive visuals and back them up with an SEO-rich description. The SEO-rich description helps you to rank your content on the platform. 

While shooting content for your Pinterest profile, remember to stick 2:3 image aspect ratio. Most Pinterest users prefer mobile devices to scroll through the platform. Besides, make sure your pins sound way too promotional or keyword stuffed. If you want your content to go viral, the first thing you should do is to make it customer friendly. You can also create a product-related tutorial addressing the target audience’s pain points. 

Embed Pinterest On the Website

Pinterest is a greatly engaged community. They are ready to buy, share, like, comment, etc. this is why Pinterest is the best platform to get your business right in front of the target customers. So how about bringing that promptness to your website?

Showcasing a Pinterest board on website is a great way to enhance the website’s overall look, increase engagement, and boost your Pinterest profile’s reach. A Pinterest board will bring a great vibe to your website. Besides, it is an excellent way to engage your website and visitors with live and fresh content. This helps you stand as an active brand and leaves a great impression on first-time visitors. 

To achieve this, you can embed the Pinterest widget on website. This is a great strategy to lead your visitors to the purchase page. For example, as a fashion brand, you can showcase user-generated content as social proof to enhance the impact of your products. 

Use The Analytics 

Pinterest has nearly 479 million active users, and indeed, it has the potential to become one of the significant parts of your social media strategies. One of the easiest ways is to trust the analytics of the platform. 

The analytics and measurement section of the platform gives you an insight into what content is working for you, so that you create more of it. The platform’s analytics will also tell you what part of your content viewers find most useful. This feature will also help you to optimize your content with amazing content. 

Apart from that, Pinterest is also coming up with a feature called Pinterest Predicts in 2023. This feature helps to predict upcoming trends. 

In A Nutshell

Pinterest is a great place to start marketing your products. It can help you immensely in brand building. It is no more a place where people go to kill time, infact they spend time on the platform to research purposes and take action. 

So it is time you start using Pinterest marketing strategies and see your business grow.

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