How to install a curtain rod? Steps and tips.

curtain rod

Do you want to install thick curtains in your room to protect you from vis-à-vis? Curtains in your living room so as not to lose any luminosity? The installation of a curtain rod is then essential! Discover all our advice for a perfect installation in the blink of an eye for wall or ceiling mounting!

Installing a curtain rod: 3 simple steps

In addition to the aesthetic advantages of having curtains on your windows, these interior fabrics offer real comfort advantages since they protect against the cold, light and prying eyes, depending on their thickness. Do not hesitate to put pretty curtains or sheers in all your rooms!

You need:

  1. From a curtain rod,
  2. End caps for the curtain rod,
  3. curtain rod brackets,
  4. screws and dowels,
  5. one meter,
  6. At a spirit level,
  7. with a pencil,
  8. From a drill,
  9. With a hammer,
  10. With a screwdriver.

1. Prepare the installation

First, you should know that a curtain rod can be applied to a wall or ceiling. For a practical and aesthetic result, the rod must protrude from 15 to 25 cm on both sides of the window. Also, to ensure the proper opening of the leaves, they must be positioned at least 5 cm above them. Using a cleat overhung with a spirit level or laser level, locate and then mark the location of the lowest point of the bar supports. Take support, place it at the level of the mark, and then mark the locations of the fixings. Do the same for the other side.

2. Fix the brackets

Once the markers are visible on your wall, you can set up the support bars for your rod on either side of your window.

  • Drill the support using a depth gauge,
  • Engage the pegs, then drive them in with a hammer,
  • Screw the bracket into the dowels.

3. Install the bar and curtains

  • All you have to do is install the bar and your curtain!
  • Pass the curtain rings or straps through the bar,
  • Put the bar in place and screw it firmly to block it at the level of the supports,
  • At the end of the bar, screw two end caps for a more aesthetic result,
  • Finally, even out the gathers of the curtain.

How high for a curtain rod?

Above the window, it is necessary to respect a minimum space of 5 cm to avoid interfering with the handling of the opening extendable curtain rod. You can also rely on the two-thirds rule to fix the bar at two-thirds of the height between the window and the ceiling. In this case, it is more of a question of 10 to 15 cm.

How to hang curtains without making holes?

Are you a tenant and do not want to make, or no more, holes in the walls of your home? Several solutions are available to you to fix your curtains or net curtains without drilling: Opt for rod support installed on the window’s hinges without drilling or glueing. Install a glazing bar with adhesive or clamp mounts,

Fit a blind with a clip system to the window frame.

In summary, installing a curtain rod is not particularly complicated. Still, it does require keeping a few measurements in mind to ensure maximum fabric coverage on your window and, therefore, a successful result. Irreproachable!

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