How to amp up the security with turnstile access control?

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Clarence Saunders, the creator of the American grocery chain Piggly Wiggly, was concerned about congestion and widespread panic when it first welcomed consumers in the early 20th century. He thus developed an entrance system to control traffic so that only one person could enter at a time.

Piggly Wiggly’s entry solution was the first documented instance of a contemporary turnstile, even though farmers have used devices that are comparable to turnstiles to herd animals for thousands of years in many civilizations.

A century later, turnstile card access control systems become the standard entrance method, especially in high-traffic areas. Their estimated worldwide market value will increase from USD 88 million in 2020 to USD 106 million by 2026.

Turnstiles provide the following advantages and benefits, thus it’s no surprise that demand for them keeps rising:

Controlling secure entrances to busy facilities:

The maximum level of security for office buildings is provided by turnstiles when used in conjunction with a credential like badges.

turnstile gate Singapore is no longer the basic metal gate they once were thanks to technological improvements. Modern turnstiles track, count and maintain trustworthy entry control because they are designed for dependable and long-lasting performance in high-traffic scenarios.

These features improve security since they let you manage who enters and leaves a facility using your credentials and how the flow is directed.

ID readers and biometric systems are compatible with turnstiles with electronic access control. These are even more efficient methods to increase security and keep intruders out of the establishment.

Successful access control:

Up to 30 persons can pass through a turnstile each minute. Members and guests can enter buildings with turnstiles by simply approaching the turnstile, showing their identification, and entering the building. Visitors will have more time to themselves as a result, and the receptionists will have less work to do.

Turnstile access can also be paired with nearly any kind of credentials, such as a badge, barcode, QR code, or even cash, depending on the operational requirements. Turnstiles are still regarded as the most effective way to control entry, particularly for big or high-flow institutions like offices, libraries, or stadiums.

Turnstiles are the ideal entry solutions to optimize a dense pedestrian flow, whether it be at an airport gate that can scan a boarding card or a coin-operated public toilet.

Data-drivenness is facilitated by modern turnstiles:

Modern turnstiles are an effective way to access data since they can integrate credentials with payment methods, as well as monitor and limit access.

Turnstile data regarding visitor behavior or profiles can help facility managers make more informed business decisions. Turnstiles, for instance, may easily display activity peak times or average activity duration. As a result, they may assist executives and facility managers in bettering their products and services by understanding and analyzing the behavior of their customers.

Designing turnstiles to reduce crime:

Turnstile installation may seem counter-intuitive to some architects, but contemporary ones provide focused design solutions.

An attractive turnstile is no longer an oxymoron since modern turnstiles may be customized with a variety of materials, housings, and finishes to match the design brief without sacrificing security.

High-security locations are impregnable thanks to full-height turnstiles:

Turnstiles still serve as a visual deterrent for possible attackers, though. They nevertheless serve as a visible deterrent to anyone with malicious intent that the facility is guarded and off-limits to them, even when they appear more beautiful.

The same holds for situations where enhancing security may require going above and beyond. Floor-to-ceiling turnstiles sometimes referred to as full-height turnstiles, are practically impregnable in high-risk or sensitive locations.

Turnstiles have been around for a while, but they’re always changing to meet the demands of customers and companies today. There is little doubt that they are more prepared than ever to enable safe and practical access control in high-flow situations as they grow smarter and more connected.

How does Turnstile improve security at distribution centers?

The worldwide e-commerce sector’s beating heart is distribution centers. But managing a distribution facility is not without its difficulties. Security becomes the most important worry for DC owners as hundreds of staff access and move thousands of dollars worth of goods. A better option for safeguarding your DC from theft and violent crimes is to install access control turnstiles.

However, let’s first look more closely at the security issues that most DCs encounter.

Theft of merchandise or cargo:

Theft of goods or cargo is possibly the largest worry for the storage sector. Statistics on cargo theft vary, but it is generally acknowledged that the problem costs $15 to $30 billion annually.

Violent offenses:

Violence is the second-biggest threat. Violent crimes may endanger your employee, your property, and your reputation, whether they’re committed by an enraged ex-boyfriend or an armed robber. Therefore, you must prevent armed trespassers from entering the area.

What security benefits do turnstiles bring to a distribution center?

The following ways that an access control turnstile improves your security:

Make sure there is proper screening at the entrance and exit:

Proper entry screening is one of the initial benefits of employing an access control turnstile. To ensure that only authorized individuals enter the facility, you may link full-height or waist-high turnstiles to various access control systems, including key card access and biometric scanners.

This significantly raises the level of security. Scanners and metal detectors are further options. By doing this, it is made more difficult for visitors to enter the facility carrying items like bags, purses, phones, keys, and other metal things.

Likewise, once you leave the facility, you may scan every employee. Employees cannot leave with stolen items if a turnstile with access control is installed at waist height or full height. Covering these points of entrance and escape will aid in the quick capture of the burglar or thief.

Increasing perimeter security:

By mounting a full-height access control turnstile on the fence, you may fortify your perimeter. Intruders cannot enter your site if suitable access control mechanisms are in place.

Additionally, a full-height turnstile only permits one authorized worker at a time to enter the secure area. You can utilize cameras to document what happens near the turnstiles and outer fence.

Following on-site movement:

Finally, you may monitor employee mobility within the facility by using access control turnstiles. Each employee’s digital footprint is left through electronic access control and surveillance.

You may use the time-stamped digital footprint to pinpoint each employee’s precise movements. It not only improves security but also aids in gauging worker output.


It might be difficult to keep expensive goods within a distribution facility safe from theft or violent crime. However, you may increase the security of your location and reduce theft by using the appropriate access control turnstile systems. The advice provided here should be useful for safeguarding your distribution center. In the shipping and storage sector, keep in mind that security equals reputation.

Looking at an establishment’s security from a larger perspective is the first step in selecting a security turnstile. To increase security and assist you to choose the best turnstile security gates for your company, consider what you are trying to protect and design your security system around that.

If your line of business involves sensitive material, such as cutting-edge technology or intellectual property, investing in a security turnstile with a greater level of security will help you avoid security breaches. In this situation, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to your firm may both increase security and possibly satisfy a legal need for your sector.

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