Health and life insurance: factors that increase the premium

Are you overweight or underweight, are you a smoker or do you drink alcohol outside of meals? The insurer is likely to ask you for a higher life or health insurance premium than you would normally pay. Know the factors that aggravate these insurances.

Did you know that if you weigh a few pounds more or less, you risk paying more for health and life insurance and, in certain cases, you may not even be able to take out a policy? The same is true if you are a smoker or drink alcohol outside of meals. These are just some of the factors taken into account by insurers when assessing risk and determining the price of life insurance or health insurance .

In addition to body mass index, smoking habits and alcohol intake, blood pressure, medical history, family history, sedentary lifestyle, sports habits and even genetic characteristics can be important factors considered by the insurer in the subscription.

After analyzing those factors, and in the event of detecting a health problem that already exists or that has a strong probability of occurring, the insurer will be able to accept the lying about health insurance through an increase in the premium, exclude death or disability resulting from that problem (in insurance life insurance) or treatment expenses (under health insurance). As a last resort, you can refuse insurance.

Lying or omitting information is not a solution, since, in these cases, the insurer may cancel the insurance and keep the premium for the period that has not elapsed.

The health insurance we negotiate for our associates has no exclusions. As such, it does not require filling out a clinical questionnaire or carrying out prior medical examinations. The premium is defined taking into account the age of the insured person and the respective contracted plan.

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