5 Best Needle Holders for Surgical Procedures

Surgical procedures necessitate the use of various surgical tools. They all vary in their features, styles, and functions. Needle holders are one of the most common surgical tools. They are an essential tool for stitching wounds.

As the name indicates, these are the holders that move the needles. The selection of the needle holder depends on the size of the needles. So, it comes in multiple styles, sizes, and shapes. Each design is perfect for moving a particular needle.

This blog will discuss the five best needle holders for surgical procedures. Let’s start our topic by thoroughly understanding the surgical tool “needle holder.”

What Are Needle Holders?

Surgeons use a needle holder to hold the suture needle. They are similar in structure to the hemostat. The tool features a clamping mechanism that provides a firm grip on the needles. It takes a unique technique to handle a needle holder. Any negligence can cause complications during a surgical procedure.

The main purpose of using this tool is to close the wound and stop the bleeding. So, it plays an essential role in starting the healing process. The surgical tool has different types for holding different needles. Let’s look at the five best needle drivers.

needle holder

5 Best Needle Holders

The availability of the different needle holders makes selecting the right tool easy for the surgeon. The five-needle drivers are the following.

1. Adson Needle Holders

Adson needle holders with fenestrated jaws 7” an ideal for providing a firm grip over the needles and the drivers. Thus, it is perfect to avoid the chances of slippage. The total length of the tool is 7 inches and consists of joints, jaws, and handles. It also features horizontal serrations.

Besides that, the tool has a clamp mechanism and fenestrated jaws. German stainless steel also makes this needle holder durable and reliable. In addition, it is sterilizable, so surgeons can use it multiple times.

2. Mathieu Needle Holders

It is a commonly used needle holder for holding needles securely during various surgical procedures. It is an excellent addition to the surgical tool kit because it is resistant to rust and corrosion. Mathieu needle holders also assist in tightening the metal ligature pigtails during orthopedic procedures.

Moreover, its surface is inert to chemical reactions. The tool also doesn’t require much maintenance when carefully used. The preferred sterilization method is steam sterilization. So, surgeons can use the same tool many times after proper sterilization. It also comes in different sizes.

3. Debakey Needle Holders

A Debakey needle holder is perfect for firmly holding the needles. Surgeons commonly use this tool during deep abdominal surgical procedures. The surgical tool consists of a self-locking mechanism and finger ring handle.

It also has tungsten carbide inserts for added longevity. Besides, the ideal tool is resistant to rust and corrosion. It is also lightweight and requires low maintenance. In addition, it is sterilizable and reusable. The Debakey needle holder is made of German stainless steel, which makes it durable and reliable.

4. Crile Wood Needle Holders

Crimson wood needle holders are ideal for holding small needles securely. It has a unique straight pattern to provide a firm grip. The surgical tool also features serrated blades and grooved jaws.

In addition, the crile wood needle holder is easy to clean and requires low maintenance with careful use. It is sterilizable and resistant to rust and corrosion. These needle drivers are also available in different variations in size and pattern.

5. Olsen Hegar Needle Holders

This type of needle holder efficiently holds the needles during various surgeries. It comes with smooth or serrated jaws. In addition, the surgical tool features an ergonomic finger ring handle to provide a convenient grip during surgeries.

beIt comes in different variations, varying in size from 4 ¾” to 7 ¼”. The variations also have different patterns. The Olsen Hegar needle holder shows high precision and flexibility. It is lightweight and requires little maintenance when used correctly.

Want Premium-Quality needle Holders?

The quality of the needle holders impacts how soon a wound heals and how effectively a wound closes. Therefore, surgeons always want high-quality needle drivers for their surgical toolkits. If you are also a surgeon and looking for premium-quality needle drivers, consider GerMedUSA.

It has been a reliable manufacturer of surgical tools for the last three decades. They offer a wide range of surgical tools with multiple variations. Most of their tools are German-forged. The tools are durable, robust, and reliable.

They also don’t require much maintenance when appropriately handled. They are also sterilizable and reusable. Furthermore, it is a reliable manufacturer that offers surgical tool customization to its customers. So, they manufacture and deliver the tools according to their customers’ demands.


What is the primary purpose of needle holders?

The primary purpose of the needle holders is to hold the needles and drivers during surgical procedures. The tool’s ergonomic design provides a non-slippery grip over the needle holder.

What is the other name for needle holders?

The other name for needle holders is needle driver. The name suggests that it holds and grasps needles during surgical procedures.

Can I use the same needle holder to hold different needles?

Different needle holders can efficiently grip the specific needles and drivers. The selection of the needle holder depends on the size of the needles. So, there are different needle holders for different needles.

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