Use Volumetric Concrete In London For Your Large Construction Projects

Volumetric Concrete

Volumetric concrete (also known as mix-on-site concrete) is concrete that is mixed by volume rather than weight. Concrete is usually mixed on-site with volumetric concrete mixers, which are self-contained portable batch plants. These specialized trucks are equipped with all of the necessary concrete ingredient materials. These materials include sand, aggregate, cement, admixture, and water. If you need a large amount of volumetric concrete in London, various companies are providing all the construction ministrations. 

What Is Volumetric Concrete? 

It is concrete that is used in the construction process and is mixed on-site by concrete mixers. The mixers are portable batch plants that work to thoroughly mix all of the materials to achieve the consistency required for building development. It is a different term for on-site mixed concrete, but it works the same way.

Volumetric concrete is manufactured by mixing the volume of materials or ingredients rather than weight. Self-contained mixer trucks with all of the necessary ingredients are typically used to mix the concrete on-site for the project. In contrast, ready-mixed concrete is manufactured in a batch plant according to a precise recipe and then delivered to a job site.

Here are some of the properties of volumetric concrete that you should know; 

Capacity Of Concrete Mixers: 

The capacity of concrete mixers for volumetric concrete is approximately 10 m3. However, because concrete can be mixed on the fly in a concrete mixer, the theoretical limit of this capacity is much higher.

Alteration In Amount Of Mixing Materials: 

Because volumetric mixers store the necessary components for a concrete mix in separate compartments, the size and specification of a mix can be changed on the fly during a project. Only the concrete that is required is mixed, removing the possibility of waste materials.

No Time Limitations: 

Unlike ready-mix concrete, there is no time limit for using the concrete after it arrives on site.

Used For Large Projects: 

Volumetric concrete is ideal for larger projects due to its large truck capacity and ability to scale the mix-up even further.

What Are The Benefits Of Volumetric Concrete? 

The traditional type of concrete that is ready-mix has various benefits. But the volumetric concrete produced in volumetric mixers has far more benefits that increase the demand for volumetric concrete in London

  • On-site concrete mixing eliminates the risk of over-ordering.
  • The concrete mixture’s ingredients are stored in separate compartments, allowing the mix to be tailored to on-site requirements or altered due to changing weather conditions. 
  • Only what is required is mixed, resulting in no material waste while preparing the concrete mixture. That means, there is a lower likelihood of overproduction.
  •  Volumetric mixers have a storage capacity of up to 10m3, which is nearly double that of traditional drum mixers.
  •  There is no waste of money; only the required amount is paid. 
  • Volumetric mixing eliminates the problem of drum-mixed concrete having a limited time frame for use between mixing at the plant and arriving at your site.
  • The volume of the specific project can be measured and produced precisely.
  • Because it is made by volume rather than weight, the measurements are usually precise.

How Is Volumetric Concrete Produced In Volumetric Mixers? 

As you have read in detail about volumetric concrete and its benefits, it’s time to look at how volumetric mixers work and how they differ from traditional drum mixers.

The volumetric concrete mixing process takes place onboard a truck that transports all of the necessary materials such as cement, water, fibers, etc. The specifications are programmed into the mixer based on the project requirements. Moreover, it depends on the intended use of the concrete to create a solution on the spot.

Compared to a traditional drum mixer, volumetric concrete mixers can hold much more concrete. It often exceeds the capacity of a drum-based mixer vehicle. Drum concrete is mixed off-site, so it cannot be changed on the spot. Volumetric mixers, on the other hand, provide greater flexibility by being able to mix onsite. That means mixtures can be tailored and altered depending on how much is needed to complete the job.

What Are The Uses Of Volumetric Concrete? 

Volumetric concrete can be used on various f projects. Despite their primary advantages over traditional ready-mix concrete, both have their uses in construction. 

  • Volumetric concrete is ideal for larger projects. Volumetric mixer trucks are capable of scaling up mixtures further than other mixers because of their large capacity.
  • Volumetric concrete is a popular choice for a variety of domestic applications, including foundations, shed bases, and even driveway concrete. 
  • Volumetric concrete has commercial and industrial applications in construction projects, basement foundations, and even flooring. 

With all of the previously mentioned advantages, such as reduced waste and increased flexibility, it’s easy to see why the ingenuity of volumetric concrete makes it the best choice for projects of all sizes and requirements.

Multiple mixtures with different ratios may be required for different uses during construction and projects. Furthermore, any unforeseen changes or occurrences within the project may affect the timeframe. All these factors provide additional evidence as to why volumetric concrete may be used.


Volumetric concrete is a mixture of concrete prepared by mixing the ingredients by volume. The volumetric mixer trucks are used for this purpose. The production takes place at the site of the project’s construction. There are numerous benefits to this type of concrete. It can be prepared with the desired amount of materials. and has no waste production.

Furthermore, volumetric concrete is an excellent choice for larger projects. Not to mention that the best volumetric concrete mixer trucks can produce any type of concrete mix required for the construction project. With these advantages in mind, Volumetric Concrete London is the go-to volumetric concrete company. It fulfills all your demands and needs and gives you the best quality volumetric concrete.

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