Living Room Modern Texture Paint Designs

Living Room Modern Texture- Do you still believe that simply using paints to decorate your walls is the sole option to brighten up any room? Then, you have probably not heard of texture paint designs. Wall textures are a method for adding depth and character to any room by employing materials such as wood or marble. There are wallpaper and paint techniques that provide the appearance of texture to walls. Applying wall design textures to any living room wall quickly transforms it.

A textured wall can be used to achieve any style you like, from a rustic wall reminiscent of a farmhouse to a modern structural pattern for a modern living room.

Advantages of modern texture designs

Mentioned below are some advantages of using modern texture designs in the living room.

  • Texture designs are aesthetically appealing. They give an instant glow up to the living room, and can become the centre of attraction if you have minimalistic furnishings.
  • You can design anything you want to. The modern texture paint designs can range from being geometrical, abstract, and even a simple customised drawing. Texture designs are ideal if you want to conceal any crack, or flaw in the wall, as you can work around them easily.
  • Modern texture paint designs can be done by you. Although it is recommended that you hire a professional for this task, it is not impossible for you to DIY it yourself. Thus, this will help you save some considerable amount of money.

Modern texture paint designs for the living room 

Mentioned below are some ideal modern texture paint designs that you use in your living room. These design ideas are sure to brighten up the look and feel of your room significantly.

Floral texture design 

Floral designs are highly popular modern texture paint designs for the living room. Adding the look of plants and flowers will give the oomph factor to your room while maintaining classiness. You can also get a floral texture with the help of wallpapers that come in a variety of styles. Brightly coloured floral textured designs make a powerful and bold statement, while a minimal, pastel floral design gives your room a subtle aura. If you have simple furnishings in your room, then it is guaranteed that all the attention will be on the walls. Your living room will be bound to look like an art display!

Wooden plank texture design 

Using the wooden plank texture design is a classic and versatile method for the living room. This texture design is available in a variety of colors and styles to complement your furnishing and décor. Its application, also, is so simple that you may do it on your own.

Painting techniques are another approach to achieve this effect. A rustic effect is created by mixing and matching different colours. Softwood panels with a smooth texture and a more elegant mood can also be used for a more stylish design. This wood panel texture on a hardwood ceiling will give you the ultimate old vibe.

Two-colour texture design 

A two-colour combination for living rooms is seen in almost every home. These popular texture designs can be done by combining any two-colour shades to create something beautiful. You could add 3D designs or mirrors on such two-toned walls to give your living room a glamorous look. You can also go for two-toned stripes, checks, or patterns in your living room.

Mirror texture design 

The mirrored wall texture design will add glitz to your living space. This design serves multiple purposes. Not only does a mirror design look lovely, but the mirror also creates the sense of creating a larger space and illuminates the entire area. This elegant and one-of-a-kind wall pattern texture adds a subtle and lovely touch to the living area. Mirror designs complement white and wood colours. If you have a large room, then adding a chandelier will give the living area a really royal appearance.

3D texture design 

3D texture designs in the living room have been a significantly popular designing method. This design type offers your living room a boost of uniqueness and luxury that no other room can match up to. To get a 3D texture design, you can apply any form of designs. Ranging from floral, abstract, to geometric, you can get any kind of 3D texture designed walls. If you have children, you can have a small portion designed by them that will fascinate them always. Similarly, if you are on a budget, and still wish to apply 3D designs on your living room walls, then there are affordable alternatives. These affordable alternatives include using wallpapers or stickers, similar to wall stickers for bedroom walls.

Applying modern texture paint designs

  • If you want to implement texture designs on big walls but have no idea what you’re doing, it’s best to hire an expert. The expert can work around your expectations and image inspirations, and give you the desired result.
  • Similarly, if you wish to DIY the walls yourself, then, you must go on with them after a few considerations.  The paints, tools for generating diverse texture designs, and motif stencils can all be purchased as a set beforehand.
  • It is always advisable to begin with a tiny patch and observe the effect. You may make your texture walls stand out by having a two-colour combination for the living room.
  • But, if you do not want to purchase expensive equipment, then you make your own by using bubble wraps, tin foils, toothbrushes, or tissue papers.

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Modern texture paint designs for the living room are all in the hype at the moment. These are extremely simple and easy to follow ways to give your living room a unique twist, and to add a bit of your personality to the room. If you wish to improve the aesthetic visual of your living room, then using modern texture paint designs are the ideal recommendations. You could consult with an interior designer to get in-depth advice and understand which style will work best for your living room.

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