Is The Tissot PRX Watch Worth Buying?

Tissot PRX Watch

If you are a watch enthusiast and love collecting watches, you must be familiar with the Tissot PRX watch collection. Tissot is a name of precision and style. Your watch collection is incomplete without Tissot. So buy a Tissot PRX watch online to fulfill your craving for robust watch pieces. 

Tissot watches have specific features that make them stand out from other watches. The elegant designs and strong manufacturing make these watches worth buying. The Tissot PRX watch collection is named so for some reason. “PR” stands for Precise and Robust, while “X,”  in Roman numerals, stands for the 10 atmospheres of depth to which the watch remains water-resistant, or a total of 100 m. 

What Makes A Tissot PRX Watch Worth Buying? 

The unique features of watches in the Tissot PRX watch collection are behind the popularity of these watches. 

Sapphire Crystal In Tissot PRX Watch:

A sapphire crystal gives a watch the following properties:

  • Extremely high-impact resistance 
  • Superior screen and hand readability due to its transparency. 
  • Because it is the strongest material after diamonds, it is used in fine timepieces for its anti-scratch properties. 
  • Sapphire crystals can be flat, domed, concave, or ground, giving the watch a variety of looks.

Water Resistance Properties Of Tissot PRX Watch:

All Tissot watch cases are subjected to numerous tests, including a water resistance test. Tissot tests the watch’s ability to withstand impacts and pressure, as well as the penetration of liquids, gasses, and dust, by simulating real-world conditions. 

The Tissot PRX watch is water-resistant up to a pressure of 10 bar (100 m / 330 ft). 

Interchangeable Straps Of Tissot PRX Watch: 

Tissot watches come with interchangeable straps. The easy unlock system allows you to remove the strap quickly and easily without the use of a tool. The ultimate in accessorization is interchangeable straps. It gives you more options to personalize your watch and make it fit for any occasion with just two clicks.

In the Tissot PRX watch collection, you can get an interchangeable quick-release bracelet, and butterfly clasp push buttons. 

‘SWISS-MADE’ Logo On Tissot PRX Watch: 

Tissot PRX watches bear the ‘Swiss made’ label, making them extremely desirable. Tissot watches are more affordable than brands like Rolex and Jaeger-le-Coultre. Their products are in high demand all over the world because they bear the ‘Swiss-made’ label without being heavy on your pocket. 

Tissot PRX Watch As A Sports Watch: 

The Tissot PRX watches are officially used by many sports bodies due to their precise timekeeping. To name a few, the brand has served as an official timekeeper for cycling, ice hockey, MotoGP, the International Basketball Federation, the Women’s National Basketball Association, and the Fencing World Championships.

The Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 is a stunning sport watch with excellent build quality, fit, and finish. It’s simply one of the best sports watches with an integrated bracelet available for the price. 

Tissot PRX Watches Are Pocket-Friendly: 

When the Tissot PRX debuted as a quartz model, it received nearly universal acclaim. Reviewers praised its finish and low price point, claiming it was the best value-for-money integrated sports watch on the market.

Sizes Of Tissot PRX Watch Collection: 

In the original Tissot PRX, the steel case is 40 mm wide and has a lug-to-lug distance of about 44 mm, making it very wearable. From the late 1970s model, Tissot increased the PRX’s size, and durability was improved with 100 meters of water resistance and sapphire crystals. This makes it ideal for your wrist. The sapphire crystal might not have been possible with AR-coating at this price point. But having an AR-coating increase the life of the watch. 

History of Tissot PRX Watch Collection:

Tissot watches are well-known for their precision and high quality. They are originally from Le Locle, Switzerland, and have a long and illustrious history dating back to 1853. Tissot SA has been a subsidiary of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest Swiss watchmaker, since 1983. The Swatch Group is also well known for its extensive collection of high-end jewelry and Swatch watches.

Tissot PRX was first introduced in 1978, and it is now celebrating its reintroduction. The new Tissot PRX, the watch for those who love design and have an eye for innovation, has a sophisticated, timeless retro look. The original Tissot PRX has a flat barrel with sharp facets and a signature bracelet with large, flexible links integrated into the case. Inside was a then-technologically impressive quartz movement, making it not just timely but affordable.

Tissot watches are available at retailers in over 160 countries. In terms of ranking, Tissot is probably among the top 30-40 brands in the world. If you want to buy a Tissot PRX watch online, you can search for the official retailers of this brand. 

How To Buy Tissot PRX Watch Online?

The official Tissot online store has all the details of the Tissot PRX watch collection. You can buy Tissot PRX watches online from their official website. Many other online stores also have Tissot watches at reasonable prices. You can also get 2 years of warranty with Tissot watches. 


If you are a watch enthusiast who loves to collect a variety of watches, the Tissot PRX watch collection is for you. You can select from a variety of watches from this collection. The Tissot PRX watches are robust, sporty, pocket-friendly, have an elegant design with sapphire crystal, are water-resistant, and are precise in telling time. 

If you want to get the best Tissot watch for your budget, buy a Tissot PRX watch online from Bijoux Eclore a trustworthy watch store. Bijoux Eclore has original branded watches that you can order online.

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