Indian Cricket Team: Significant changes will take place in January

The BCCI is considering choosing separate leaders for the ODI and T20 teams.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is considering two separate leaders for WHITE BALL CRICKET, which would entail a separate skipper for India’s ODI & T20 teams. Ice exchange has learned that the plan will be put into action beginning in January with a home series against Sri Lanka. India will take on Sri Lanka in 3 ODIs and 3 T20s, with unique captains for each team. The ODI team will continue to be captained by Rohit Sharma, while the T20 team will be captained by Hardik Pandya.

Although it’s too soon to say for sure, we are considering whether picking separate leaders for the ODI and T20 squads is the best course of action. This will assist in distributing the workload among several people.

“In light of the ODI World Cup being held in India in 2023, we need a new approach for T20s while still maintaining consistency. The strategy can start working in January. We will get together and make any final decisions,” a senior BCCI official told InsideSport.

India’s cricket season will begin anew in the new year.

  • India will meet Sri Lanka in a three-match ODI and three-match T20 series.
  • Then there will be HOME series against Australia and New Zealand.
  • It’s likely that Hardik Pandya will be named the permanent T20 captain in January.
  • India will be captained by Rohit Sharma in ODI and TEST games.

Rohit Sharma’s promotion or relegation?

The potential appointment of two captains makes it quite evident that Rohit Sharma would lose his T20 captaincy as a result of the Indian team’s dismal performance at the T20 World Cup. However, the BCCI official was asked by InsideSport if Rohit would lose his captaincy as a result of the T20 World Cup fiasco.

“Losing the captaincy is not at issue. For Rohit, it’s about the future and reducing his workload. You can see that these men are not growing younger. The BCCI official continued, “We think the T20 squad needs a fresh approach and new legs.

Meanwhile, earlier on Saturday, another senior BCCI official confirmed to InsideSport that a PERFORMANCE REVIEW METTING had been convened.

Coach Rahul Dravid, captain Rohit Sharma, and former captain Virat Kohli will all be invited to the meeting by BCCI. The meeting will be called by the BCCI Secretary, and it will debate and review the Indian team’s appalling performance.


“We’re calling a meeting with them. We are shocked by what transpired in the semifinal; improvements are certainly needed. However, no choice would be made without considering their viewpoint. The top BCCI official told InsideSport that the opinions of Rohit, Rahul, and Virat would be considered when determining the future course of action for the Indian T20 squad.

Indian Team Performance Review for the T20 World Cup?

InsideSport has evidence that indicates BCCI is not too pleased with the performance of the Chetan Sharma-led selection committee. Additionally, their performance will be evaluated, and it is almost inevitable that Chetan will be replaced.

It’s unclear whether or whether the Chairman of the Selection Committee has also been invited to the Performance Review meeting.

Are senior citizens being ejected? In 2024, the West Indies and the United States will host the following T20 World Cup. According to BCCI, the majority of the squad’s veterans will eventually retire.

The BCCI official stated that TEAM INDIA is more important to them than any specific person.

“We have no worries about the people. They have the ability to answer their own phone. Team India’s performance in cricket is a worry. It’s time to put an end to what occurred to ENGLAND and what has been going on in KNOCKOUTS. We will make all of our decisions with the goal of putting a stop to this KNOCKOUT ROT in mind.

Members of the Indian team that could be expelled from the T20 setup?

The Indian team at the T20 World Cup was one of the oldest in the competition with an average age of 30.6.

Dinesh Karthik, an Indian wicketkeeper-batsman, was the oldest player at 37 and undoubtedly played his final international game.

Another person who is unlikely to join the T20 TEAM is R.Ashwin.

Virat Kohli (33), Bhuvaneshwar Kumar (32), and Mohammed Shami (35), among others, may be dazed.

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