How To Style Yourself For Every Season: The Best Nail Colours For Every Season

The Importance Of Looking Presentable

Without a doubt, looking good at ourselves is always important. Though people may claim that good looks are unimportant, this is far from the truth. The difference lies in who you are looking presentable for. Always strive to look good for yourself. This is good for your mental health too. Simply dressing well in new and fresh clothes is enough to improve the mood. 

With that in mind, here are a few tips to use the Best Gel Nail Polishes to streamline your look. Although nail polish can appear uninspiring add-on, it can add so much character to your overall look. Here are a few colours that are season appropriate. Before you buy best gel nail polish online, go through these to find a colour you like.

Autumn –  A Most Popular Season

Autumn is truly popular for its warmth, gentle cool breezes, and little brown leaves. It also means that the arrival of winter is close by. This season is perfect for going on walks, hot coffees, and books and replenishing your Vitamin D stores before winter arrives. The colours most associated with autumn are nudes, warm browns, oranges, black, and sometimes black and moss green. 

Crown It With Brown

Brown is a perfect colour for autumn. One of the vital benefits of brown gel nail polish is that you can use any shade of brown, and it will be perfectly suited to autumn. Dark brown is a great and under-used colour for autumn. Go for it if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Take A Plunge And Go For Orange

Orange is an autumn colour. Pumpkins are a shade of orange, and the gorgeous autumn sunsets give us the most beautiful colour of orange. You can paint all your nails with the best gel nail polishes in orange or accent it by incorporating brown or black into it. While some colours on all the fingernails are classic, the current trends want more. So take the challenge and paint it orange!

A Maroon Autumn Moon

Maroon is one of the most understated nail colours. Red, while ubiquitous, is not in the same league as maroon. Maroon is a bold colour and is a great autumn nail colour. It will blend well with other autumn colours. Burgundy is another shade of red that can produce the same effect as maroon. Although maroon is warmer and burgundy is cooler.

A Bright And Snowy Winter

Winter is all about white. Whimsically falling snow, the frothing on top of the eggnog, and Santa’s white beard. But there is also red, blue, gold and grey.

Be Bold With Gold

Go for fully gold nails or pair them with any other colour. Red, maroon, burgundy, and gold will make your nails look like a little Christmas present. So crown your fingertips with gold and look Christmas-ready.

A Clever Silver Whisper

Buy the best gel nail polish online In Silver. Paint your ring finger nail in silver, covering the rest in maroon for a truly Christmas look. Or you can add silver and gold french tips to maroon, red, and beige for a sophisticated yet fun look. 

Cold Winter Dew And Icy Blue

Icy blue reflects the cold of winter perfectly. This winter, paint your nails icy blue and add a touch of silver and a few snowflakes to create a little winter on your nails. Whether or not it matches your outfit, these icy blue nails will blend in with the world in the winter. 

Various Shades Of Gray

No, we do not mean fifty. Different shades of grey, combined with white or silver, are good choices for winter. This combination is perfect for the Christmas party at your office. Accentuate it with silver jewellery to complete the look. 

Spring Is King

It truly is. Spring brings all the trees and plants back to life. It brings us back to light with its warmth, a calm sun, and bird sounds. 

Do not Be Mean, Paint It Green

To reflect spring to perfection, go for bluish or lighter shades of green. It is a welcoming and refreshing colour that spring is well known for. 

Think About Pink

Spring is not only the revival of trees, it is also the season of bloom. The pinkest, most delicate flowers bloom and remove our gloom in this season. So celebrate it by painting your nails pink. Add a touch of green to truly reflect the spring. 

Summer Is Not For Slumber

Summer keeps us on our toes. It can get a little hot, a little too warm and it is a season of life and vitality. 

Tiptoe with Yellow

Nothing screams summer as yellow quite does. It is the colour of sunset and the colour of light. Go for a single or multiple shades of yellow on your nails. Blend it with a little pink, orange and brown to turn your nails into 10 little sunsets. 

Halloween Nail Ideas 

Here are some nail ideas for the spooky season.

  • There Is Blood Everywhere – Not really, but you can paint your nails the bloodiest red and you are perfectly set for the Halloween party.
  • A Web Of Lies – Again, not really. But webs and spiders are simply associated with Halloween. Reflect this by using a nail tool or DIY it by using a bobby pin, toothpick, pencil, or anything else from your home. Draw tiny little spider webs on a base of orange or black nails. 
  • BOO! – Pain your nails and use cotton to draw a basic ghost. You do not need any specific skill for this. Simply draw a blob and add black dots to make eyes and a mouth. You can even write ‘boo!’ on your nails. It will make it a cute look rather than a spooky one. 
  • Meooowwww – There are so many variations you can do with cats on your nails. You can simply go for a black set of ears and you’ll be done. You can also draw the cute little pink nose of a cat, complete with whiskers and fangs. Another great idea is paws walking all over your nails.
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