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Loft Conversion

Are you looking for converting a loft in your home to add more value and space? This blogpost discusses about a well-planned project for your loft conversion.

Why will you need a loft conversion?

A loft conversion will add considerable amount of money and give more value to your property. Many families want to convert the loft space in a way for getting more space without taking up the stressful procedure of shifting home. The work done in the loft may be less disruptive than just a major extension for the living space.

If you want to invest lots of money and extend very far, then you will probably not see any return on the investment.

Can loft be considered a useable space?

You need to begin by evaluating if the roof space is suitable for your conversion. There are three things to consider and they are:

  • Internal height – you have to calculate from the top of ceiling joist to beneath your ridge board in the apex. It has to be of 2,500mm to convert in a suitable way.
  • Pitch of the roofYou need to measure the roof’s angle. So, the higher the pitch angle is, the higher the central head height will probably be.
  • Footprint – The internal rules need to be 5,500mm from one side to the other which includes chimney and near about 7,500mm from the front to the back.

How will you use the additional space?

After you set your home for a loft conversion in London, make sure you consider how you will use it. This can be done with the addition of a bedroom that has en-suite bathroom or playroom for your children.

How can you use the space for study or relaxation?

This can be used in the form of a multi- purpose room for the living space that provides accommodation for guests. If you want to add a bathroom, see if there can be space for a shower or a bath. When you decide to plan for a bathroom in the loft, make sure there is sufficient space.

Is it possible to convert the loft on your own?

The installation of a loft conversion is indeed a complicated procedure that might involve planning department and require Building Regulations. Though you can try for a DIY conversion, the large amount of work involved will lead to many people in selecting a good loft conversion company for performing the entire task.

Who should you use for a loft conversion?

You need to hire an architect or a building surveyor who will make designs as well as drawings according to your proposal. If needed, they will help to search for a good builder and handle the project on time.

  • You will have to appoint a reputed loft conversion company that provides one-stop solution for your loft conversions. This will include design department for preparing necessary drawings and get necessary approvals and the construction departments will change the designs into reality.
  • Some builders have years of experience in loft conversion and may provide you with a package which is quite similar to loft conversion companies.
  • You may ask your friends, neighbours or search online to look for a loft conversion company or an experienced builder for your project. Try to obtain three quotes and make sure they visit the site based on the correct measurements.
  • Ask the contractor how they plan to lessen the disruption and dust during the conversion. Don’t forget to enquire how they can protect home from the risk of water damage affecting the present roof.

What are the probable drawbacks for your loft conversion?

  • Adding stairs to a new loft conversion may be difficult. Different regulations are there to follow such as a minimum of two-metre head clearance above and under the stairs.
  • Plumbing might include adding on to the present system after surveys and tests are done as the system will require proper upgradation.
  • Your house has some insulation properties that should be improved or proper certification for the work won’t be granted. The building control will inspect it to ensure the standards have been fulfilled and energy-saving measures are at the maximum.

With proper planning and correct designs, your loft conversion project will definitely go in a smooth way. It is about having a small contingency fund in place for unforeseen problems. But a loft conversion will be highly rewarding by adding usable space and increasing value of your house.

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