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Pillow Boxes


Boxes for pillow stuffing:

Pillow Boxes are one of the most attractive boxes in the market in Canada. People like to use unique designs that attract customers with their beautiful looks. This is obvious that our environment needs a clean atmosphere and a beautiful place to live. For this purpose, humans and businesses are taking part in different cleaning activities. But with a little change, packaging industries are presenting cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags.

Pillow boxes come in many materials, and the kraft pillow boxes wholesale market is one of the known market materials. Not just they help you with all your requirements for events, but they also make the possibility of the less thrashed event. Because these are completely biodegradable, they can resolve easily in the air and water. They are also recyclable boxes.

Christmas is coming, and a few weeks left on the best day of the year. We, people, are getting ready for parties and other events. Businesses are getting ready to share gifts with their hardworking employees. In all the days of gifting and sharing happiness, packaging industries are prepared too, Pillow Boxes are coming into the market, and competition is increasing day by day.

Before everyone takes first-row seats in the market, Our printing shop is here to help you with your products to present them in the market. If you are a new business, we are ready to make you a recognizable brand in the Canadian market, and if you are already a brand, we are here to help you increase your income this Christmas.


Benefits that Pillow boxes can provide

  •   Recyclable
  •   Environment Friendly
  •   Cheap in cost
  •   Rich in design
  •   Customization options in the printing process
  •   Customization options in the shapes
  •   Wholesale rates



Every region wants a peaceful, clean, and green area as they know that the climate of the earth is getting worse. So, they ordered the businesses to make more such products that can be used again, and we could stop the wood-cutting process. That is why package manufacturing companies have started producing recyclable products. VivePrinting is taking it seriously and providing kraft pillow boxes, and kraft pillow boxes wholesale prices are also available.


Environment Friendly

As we discussed above, the environment needs our focus more than events. So, businesses are also trying to use biodegradable materials. It can mix up with mud and also resolve with water. So, you can say that these are not bad for living creatures on earth nor harmful to the life under the water.

We provide every pillow box made of cardboard, kraft, or other wooden material. That can make customers happy and increase your revenue, but it also helps to protect our environment. Custom Pillow Boxes for Packaging provide every business benefit as well as environmental benefits too.


Cheap in cost

Whenever we look over the businesses, it becomes difficult to recognize how much effort they are putting into their backs and how much worse they are facing, their budget level working up and down. To maintain revenue and profits, they try to buy or produce products at low rates with better quality.

These Pillow Boxes help them a lot with their money. And VivePrinting provides the cheapest rates in competition to others in Canada. These packaging boxes will be better in quality and lower in rates. So, don’t bother your pockets.


Rich in design

Events require something unique, something attractive, something full of excitement, and Christmas is so boring without Santa, dears, and stockings. As pillow boxes come in pre-attractive shapes, with the addition of Santa and all symbolic designs, they will become more attractive to the eyes and will touch the hearts too. Otherwise, we give businesses opportunities to share their plans for Custom Pillow Boxes for Packaging.


Customization options in the printing process

The biggest problem of any product is the presentation in front of customers. They will buy it if they like it, but what if not? It’s a mess. So, to overcome this issue and present the product in a good way, people like to use many ways, and one of which is printing. As pillow boxes wholesale Canada rates are available for limited time slots, VivePrinting offers a lot of options to print your business name, logo, description, product description, etc. Else, many designs could be printed on these boxes, like Christmas icons, snow, or other structures.

Other than pre-defined designs, you can grab the opportunity to customize them and can share your patterns with our designers. You can use Raised Ink, Gloss, Spot UV coating, and Gold/Silver foil coating for all these designs.


Customization options in the shapes

Shapes do matter when we relate them to the presentation. But when it comes to the specific form, it becomes more difficult to adjust it with some other things. But don’t worry; VivePrinting is an expert in it and provides level best shaping options. While other stores are thinking about the choice, we are providing you with the solutions.

You can customize these Pillow Boxes or kraft pillow boxes with the addition of one side lock that can provide a proper grip to the items inside. This will also protect the product from accidentally opening from other sides and reason damage to the products.

Else, you can add a holder on both vertical and horizontal sides that will allow users to carry them easily.


Wholesale rates

Industries love to buy their required products at the lowest prices, as we discussed above. Wholesale prices give them an edge in completing that tasks. By this, they can invest less and earn more. VivePrinting provides an opportunity to buy many product packaging at wholesale prices.

We are offering kraft pillow boxes wholesale and custom pillow boxes wholesale Canada prices. These packages are completely Canada-manufactured with the hands of professional manufacturers and experienced designers. You can get a hardcopy product sample for free to confirm that your product is perfect in quality, rich in design, and as per your requirement.

Not only this, but the packaging order can be delivered to you at your doorstep without any shipping charges. This will also help you with spending less and earning more goal.


Who is VivePrinting, and why do you care?

VivePrinting is a company that works for manufactures product boxes and shipping boxes. We have been working in Canada for years with many business startups and also with the brand. The best thing about VivePrinting is that we love to supply quality products and deliver items within the mentioned period.

We know that businesses are the life of businessmen, and we don’t want to ruin it at any part. That is why we select our employees after a long process of interviews and product training. We have the latest machinery that works efficiently and provide products within time.

We also have a group of human resources professionals who have been working in the market for years. They are very kind and love to help others. If you are facing any problem with your Pillow Boxes, like not having a family to design patterns, being unable to manufacture boxes or choices that are difficult for you, you can contact our human resources. They will guide you with each and everything.

With all these, we are also offering Mailer boxes; Die Cut Boxes, Custom Rigid Boxes, and Custom Mailer Boxes that can expand your boxes category and help you win the hearts of customers.


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