Why Should I Invest In White Ethernet Cable?

white Ethernet cable

White Ethernet cable are extremely popular and useful network cables that are used for wired networks. Ethernet cables connect his PC, routers, switches, and other devices in a local area network. These cables come in different lengths and the durability wears off with time, unfortunately. A network cable that is poor in quality will not transmit a proper network signal. These limitations are one reason why there are different types of Ethernet cables optimized for specific tasks in specific situations. Ethernet cables are similar to traditional telephone cables but are longer and use more wires. Both cables have similar shapes and connectors, but the Ethernet cable has 8 wires and the telephone cable has 4 wires. The Ethernet cable connector comes in various colors and you should invest in a white Ethernet cable if possible.

In this article, we explore the importance of Ethernet cables and the significance of different colors.

Ethernet cables usually come in a variety of colors, unlike many other cables.The Ethernet cable connects to an Ethernet port that is larger than the telephone line port. You can access your computer’s Ethernet ports through your motherboard’s Ethernet card. This port is usually on the back of a desktop computer or the side of a laptop.CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, and CAT6A Ethernet cable colors represent specific applications or systems. This should not be confused with the twisted internal wire color coding included in all his CAT cables. The color of the sheath has nothing to do with the function of the cable itself, it simply emphasizes the purpose of the connection.

Common Ethernet Color Coding Assignments

Vendors often assign specific colors to identify the type of connection and its purpose or to distinguish their connections from other vendors. Color helps with cable management. There is no industry standard, but here are some examples of color coding that some companies might use. Equipment/Workstation

Red – Telephone/Emergency Systems

Wire color management can also be used to differentiate security levels and networks such as DMZ, production LAN, management LAN, and test LAN. Some companies and vendors have their labeling, so we recommend using the latest available schematics to identify colors and applications.

Ethernet Cables Color Coded by Year

Colored cables can also be used to indicate the age of installed cables. Some vendors identify the year the work was done by choosing a specific color. Customers and technicians can immediately see how old an installed cable is and when work was done. Below is an example of network cable color coding by year of installation.

Purple – 2017

Blue – 2018

Yellow – 2019

Does Ethernet cable color matter? The answer is no. The color of the Ethernet cable does not matter. Cable colors do not have performance characteristics that make one color more desirable than another. Some of the cables with limited options are outdoor cables. You can see that the jacket color of most of this cable is black. This is because outdoor Ethernet cables are routed outdoors and can be exposed to conditions such as sun, wind, and rain. In addition to PE (Polyethylene), compounds used to make outdoor cables form a black color. This gives the cable the best UV resistance and protects it from direct outdoor installations.

Organize in different colors

However, the importance of Ethernet cable color can play a role. Color has no additional impact on performance, so the importance of color gets in the way of cable management. Suppose you already have a data center or business with servers or server rooms. IT staff or service staff may have a color scheme. Organizing cables by color increases the efficiency of your network infrastructure. Categorizing by color makes it easier to troubleshoot problems that may arise later. After marking certain areas with different colors, it makes diagnosing the problem easier if something happens to those spaces. A well-organized cable layout will save you headaches in the long run. Is this important to anyone? No. However, it doesn’t hurt to add extra colored cables if possible.

The color of the cable does not matter when running the cable in the wall. In this case, you need to get the right type of cable (riser, plenum, unshielded, or shielded) depending on exactly what you want the cable to connect to and the color can be of your choice! White Ethernet cable

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