What is a content audit?

What is content analysis? Why should you make one?

Content marketing: A content audit is a systematic review of your site’s content, including:


Landing page.

Product or service page.

Main content page.

This analysis helps you understand if your content is working to achieve your goals, including reaching your target audience.

But not only that.

4 Benefits of Doing Content Analysis

1. It shows you what content needs updating (confirmed data)
In addition to showing you if your content is working in general, the content analysis also gives you clear instructions on the areas you need to improve. For example, you can find broken links that you didn’t know before, keyword opportunities that you are missing, missing metadata, and other issues that you can quickly fix to improve the usability of your content and the visibility of the search.

2. It gives you an overview of your content as a whole

If you have a lot of content on your website, analytics can be a big job. However, doing a content audit is the only way to dig through all of your content and know if it’s serving your business…or if it’s failing.

3. Content analysis helps you optimize your content for better performance

Even if you have a small business and not a lot of content, content analysis is still useful. This will help you optimize your content so it works at its best.

And great content is powerful. It can convince prospects that your brand is trustworthy: 64% of consumers said they felt the brand was trustworthy after reading educational content from the brand. (Driver)

4. It will improve your content creation in the future

Since content analysis helps you understand what works and what doesn’t (because you’ll see second-hand evidence on your site!), you can apply it to content production you in the future for better results. Content marketing

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