Top 10 Lcd Monitor Brands

What brand of LCD monitor is good? What are the brands of LCD monitors? The monitor is an important part of the computer. Whether it is good or bad depends on our own visual perception. The following is a list of the top ten LCD brands for everyone, hoping to help you choose which brand of 144hz monitor to choose.

  1 Sony (Sony) LCD monitor (started in Tokyo in 1946, the world’s leading brand of high-end graphics)

  2 Samsung (Samsung) LCD monitor (started in 1938 Korea, world brand)

  3 LG LCD monitor (1947 Korea, world brand)

  4 Maya Display (Apple Computer Partner)

  5 ViewSonic LCD monitor (1990 USA, top professional monitor brand)

  6 Philips (Philips) LCD monitor (started in the Netherlands in 1891, world brand)

  7 BenQ (BenQ) LCD monitor (founded in Taiwan in 1984, world brand)

  8 Acer LCD monitor (1976 Taiwan, world brand)

  9 AOC TPV LCD monitor (Taiwan in the 1980s, world brand)

  10 Greatwall Greatwall LCD Monitor (1986, national brand)

How to choose an LCD monitor? What brand of LCD monitor is good

LCD monitors are now basically replacing the previous desktop computer monitors. The main principle is to stimulate the liquid crystal molecules to generate dots, lines and surfaces with the back light tube to form a picture.

But in the face of a variety of LCD monitors on the market, how to choose LCD monitors? What brand of LCD monitor is good?

Here, I will provide some experience and reference for those who are thinking about buying or hesitating.You can also save at currys discount code NHS

Five points for buying LCD monitors

Screen size

For liquid crystal displays, the size of the panel is the size of the viewing area, which is similar to CRT displays. For monitors with the same parameters and specifications, LCD has a larger viewing area than CRT.

Generally, a 15-inch LCD is equivalent to a 17-inch CRT, a 17-inch LCD is equivalent to a 19-inch CRT, and a 19-inch LCD is equivalent to a 21-inch CRT.


The contrast ratio of general LCD monitors is 300:1, some better ones can reach 400:1, and traditional CRT monitors can reach 500:1. If the contrast ratio is less than 250:1, we will experience blurring when looking at the screen.

Viewing angle

When choosing a liquid crystal display, try to choose a product with a large viewing angle. At present, the angle of the liquid crystal display is basically more than 140 degrees, which can meet the needs of ordinary users.

No matter how much the viewing angle is, whether it is convenient for you to use is fundamental, and it is best to choose it according to your daily usage can also check the offers at ao discount code NHS

Interface type

At present, there are two types of interfaces for LCD monitors, namely VGA and DVI. The VGA interface is an analog transmission signal converted twice, while the DVI interface is an all-digital lossless transmission signal.

When the LCD monitor with VGA interface is used for a long time, the effect will be blurred, and it needs to be re-calibrated to restore the normal effect.

However, the LCD monitor with DVI interface will never have a similar situation, and the display effect is still excellent after long-term use.

After-sales service

The warranty time of the monitor is set by the manufacturer itself, and generally has a full free warranty service of 1-3 years. Therefore, consumers should understand the detailed warranty period.

After all, monitors are particularly important electronic products among computer accessories. Once a problem occurs, it will have a great impact on their use.


Lightweight and portable

Because the traditional display uses CRT, the electron beam must be sent to the screen through the electron gun, so the neck of the picture tube cannot be made very short, and the volume of the entire display will inevitably increase when the screen is increased.

The liquid crystal display achieves the display purpose by controlling the state of the liquid crystal molecules through the electrodes on the display screen 144hz monitor.

Even if the screen is enlarged, its volume will not increase proportionally (only the size is increased without increasing the thickness, so many products provide wall hanging function.

Which can make The user is more space-saving), and it is much lighter in weight than the traditional display with the same display area, and the weight of the liquid crystal display is about 1/3 of that of the traditional display.  Check out 144hz Laptop

 High resolution and high definition

Liquid crystal displays use a pure flat glass plate from the beginning, and their flat right-angle display looks much better than traditional displays 144hz monitor.

However, in terms of resolution, the liquid crystal display can theoretically provide higher resolution, but the actual display effect is much worse (there is a problem of optimal resolution), although the liquid crystal display can overcome the jitter and flicker of the scan line.

But Because the gap of the liquid crystal itself is thick, it will cause the viewing effect of the image like a grid. So the best resolution of the LCD screen is generally up to 1024X768 (enough).

The traditional display achieves a perfect display effect with the support of a better graphics card. Customers also visit at ebay discount code NHS


The liquid crystal display has no radiation at all, and only a small amount of electromagnetic waves from the driving circuit. The LCD display does not have screen flickering, which is not easy to cause visual fatigue 144hz monitor.

According to the industry standard, the annual power consumption is 4.5 hours per day, and the 32-inch kinescope display is replaced by a 30-inch LCD monitor, which can save 71 kilowatts of electricity per year.

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