All About TESOL Certificates: Cost, Duration & More

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A TESOL Certificates is essential if you want to pursue a career in English teaching abroad tefl. It’s important to enroll in a TESOL certification course if you want to be an English teacher abroad. Before joining in a TESOL certification course, however, you must research all the provisions your chosen program will give you.

You must also explore the different TESOL courses offered by several platforms to make an informed choice. The cost of a TESOL certification is often an issue of concern for people enrolling in the course. To aid with that, this article covers the average cost of a TESOL certification course to help you make an informed choice. 

Cost of a TESOL Certification

A 120-hour TESOL certification online costs around $200 to $300. However, if you are looking for a detailed TESOL course, the 150-hour TESOL course costs around $400 to $2500. 120-hour TESOL courses online open up new opportunities for you, including private language centers, teaching at international schools, corporate training programs, and entering more competitive job markets in South Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc. 

Some Features that Affect the Price of The TESOL Courses

The cost of the 120-hour TESOL courses and 150-hour courses differ from each other. Listed below are some reasons that affect the price of the TESOL or top TEFL certification course:

Level of Instruction

A 120-hour course provides a standard level of instruction, while the level of instruction for a 150-hour program offers a university level of direction. Since the level of instruction of the 150-hour course is of a more advanced level than the 120-hour course, the price range of the two courses differs. 

The Number of Hours in The Course

Another essential factor that affects the TESOL course price is the number of hours in the TESOL program. For example, a 120-hour course price is lesser than a 150-hour course. 

Teaching Practicum and Accreditation Status

A TESOL course with a teaching practicum and accreditation will cost more than other TESOL programs since a teaching practicum offers you practical experience. 


TESOL or TEFL certification course price differs with the level of instruction, the number of hours in the course, etc. You must also choose an accredited TESOL course that gives you enough practical experience. If you are looking for a platform to enroll in the best TESOL courses, Cudoo is the correct platform. Cudoo is an e-learning platform that provides more than 1300 courses to help you gain professional and soft skills. Join to access the best TEFL and TESOL courses now! TESOL Certificates

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