Top Tips for Rebuilding Collagen in Your Face

Hydrolyzed collagen peptides

Rebuilding Collagen For those who aren’t in the know, collagen is key in supporting the structures in the skin that provide it with strength and elasticity, and as we age, the body’s natural collagen production begins to decrease which is where you may begin to see wrinkles or sagging skin. Luckily, there are ways to help restore your collagen levels once your natural collagen production begins to decrease as you age….

What is Collagen?

Rebuilding Collagen makes up nearly 80% of your skin and accounts for a third of proteins in your body. It exists in tissue all across your body, including hair, bones, muscles, and skin. As mentioned previously though, this very important component does eventually reduce in your body as time passes, causing the signs of aging. This is because it is essential in the maintenance of skin elasticity, and strength and even in preventing brittleness in both hair and nails. Something collagen production relies on is vitamin C, as without it the body can’t form, store or synthesise collagen – vitamin C is also essential for holding cells together during the creation of collagen.

What does Collagen do?

Collagen powder doesn’t just keep your skin looking young and fresh, it is also found all over the body and provides benefits in a number of different ways. Here are some benefits of collagen below.

  • Collagen helps the body to grow and replace old cells with newer, healthier ones.
  • Collagen helps protect delicate organs in the body such as the kidneys and gut lining
  • Hydrolyzed collagen peptides can treat leaky gut syndrome, and help with other stomach problems.
  • Taking collagen is also able to increase the strength of your nails by preventing brittleness, which gives them the opportunity to grow longer without breakage.
  • Collagen helps to strengthen the cartilage between joints which can help with joint pain and movement
  • Collagen helps maintain skin elasticity and prevent the development of wrinkles and fine lines, dry skin, sagging skin, skin structure loss and texture.

How can you work to improve the skin on your face?

If you are noticing a loss in skin elasticity or an increase in wrinkles and are looking for ways to improve the health of your skin, here are some ways that you can prevent further loss of collagen in your skin (face), and increase the production of collagen as well.

Be sure to wear sunscreen as often as possible

Sunscreen is vital for skin cancer prevention, but it also contributes to the maintenance of youthful and soft skin. This is because UV exposure can lead to the breakdown of collagen, which can lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is why it is best to always wear sunscreen for both your general health and to keep your skin looking young, taught and vibrant.

Eating well

Looking after your body in general is going to help all bodily processes and slow down ageing. It will also be able to help with the development of further collagen in your skin. In order to encourage healthy functions in your body, and encourage your collagen production, you should eat foods that are rich in protein and vitamin C. You should also stay away from too much sugar as sugar intake causes your insulin levels to rise, this then causes inflammation which leads to the breakdown of the all-important collagen and elastin leaving you more prone to wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity.

Drinking lots of water

Staying hydrated and keeping your skin hydrated will provide your skin with a barrier should it become dried out. If your body and your skin is sufficiently moisturised, then your body will be able to produce more and assist with ongoing collagen production and the growth of healthier cells whilst also providing a dewier, healthier complexion.

Facial Massage

This is useful because it can assist with the circulation of blood in the face, which will then assist with the movement of oxygen throughout your skin, and with the retention of skin tightness, and perhaps aid in achieving a glowing skin complexion as well as boost skin nutrients found in the blood to the skin’s surface. Your skin is your biggest organ, so assisting blood circulation to help improve skin health has been shown to be effective.

Collagen Supplements

One of the best ways to restore collagen to your body is by taking additional collagen supplements alongside taking general care of your skin. Many different companies offer collagen supplements such as collagen powder or collagen tea that can be consumed to encourage the production of collagen in your body even after it stops being produced naturally. Many Collagen powder supplements often have sugars, proteins or flavours added, yet some are flavour and odourless meaning that they can easier be taken with food or drink, and hydrolyzed collagen peptides are even better for this as they are easier for the body to absorb. Look out for clear collagen powder, that is odourless, tasteless and colourless and find supplements that have added benefits like collagen tea.

Vitamin C

As vitamin C is incredibly beneficial to the production of collagen in the skin, making sure to get enough vitamin C in your day to day, either through supplements, tablets or creams, encourages your skin to hold onto collagen while also promoting healthy hair and nails. Without vitamin C the body cannot begin restoring collagen in the face, so it is an important step in making key improvements.

If you are at the age and looking to improve the youthful appearance of the skin on your face, consider looking into collagen powder to increase your body’s collagen output and start seeing smoother, healthier skin as soon as possible.

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