Best Windows Reseller Hosting with Maximum SSD Storage

Best Windows Reseller Hosting with Maximum SSD Storage


Having enough storage to host many sites on the server is very important when you’re a reseller. It becomes more crucial when you are a growing reseller hosting company as the more people connect to your web space you will need storage. Therefore, search for those reseller hosting plans that come with maximum storage, and if needed more you can upgrade it easily.

So, here comes Hostbillo’s Best Windows Reseller hosting plans that provide maximum SSD storage facility with its plans and packages. The upgrade of features and packages is also pretty easy, so if you need to upgrade your plan, you can do it. Let’s know more about windows hosting and the importance of SSD storage in this.

Windows Reseller Hosting

Hosting your reseller services on Windows operating system is called Windows Reseller Hosting. In this type of hosting you own the web applications and Plesk panel that is flexible with Windows only. You can sell the pre-made hosting packages to your customers or create small bundles of hosting packages and then allocate them to your clients. The choice is yours it works well both ways. However, for occurring more revenue or profit from your business, it is suggested that you should customize the hosting packages and mark their price up to generate a great amount of money. For doing all of these things, you should have enough space to create, upload, and modify the files and data. So, with Hostbillo, you will acquire full SSD storage with the Best Windows Reseller Hosting plans.

SSD Storage

Solid State Drives are a type of storage that is used in computers over HDD drives. It uses flash memory to upload any data on the database whereas HDD uses a traditional way to load the data. While the functionality of both drives is the same but SSD works faster than HDDs. With SSD, your Windows operating system will boost up quickly, and programs will load rapidly. If you are trying to save any file then it saves faster in SSDs than HDDs. That’s why when SSD storage is crucial for a Windows Hosting Reseller to work well in their businesses without any warehouse problems.

Importance of SSD Storage in Windows Reseller Web Hosting Business

Importance of SSD Storage in Windows Reseller Web Hosting Business

High Performance

SSDs are not slow as compared to HDDs so when you opt for SSD with the Best Windows Reseller Hosting, you know how much flexibility it will give to your business site. SSDs directly collect data from the storage area. There will be no rotation heads or magnetic disks like HDD disks, so it performs very well with the website.

Hardware Reliability

SSDs are more reliable and efficient as they don’t use a magnetic coating to move the parts of the disks. So, it is free of distortions, there will be no breakages or wear out of the storage drives. So, it has maximum reliability with hardware tools when you opt for it with Windows Reseller Hosting Plans.

Faster Speed

It uses flash memory to read the data so it is 300% faster than HDDs. It not only helps in improving your site storage speed but also your client’s too. Faster speed means less time to invest in doing this task so that you can focus on more important things. So, for faster speed, get SSD storage with the Best Windows Reseller Hosting plans.

Hostbillo’s Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting Services with SSD Storage

Hostbillo Hosting Solution is a leading web hosting company that aims to provide top-class services at the best price. It provides a wide range of hosting plans and packages that includes all types of features in the package. It provides SSD storage with all Types of Web Hosting Services to fasten the performance of your websites. So, if you are looking for the Best Windows Reseller Hosting plans, you can purchase from Hostbillo. The company provides a 99.90% network uptime guarantee with the services which ensures zero percent downfall of your site. It’s the minimum package of the reseller hosting plan starting at $7.63 which includes 30GB SSD storage. Which means you can host lots of domains in your web space. And, if required you can also buy more and upgrade your plan.


In today’s internet world, it is important to have a device that works rapidly and has a faster performance without any difficulty. And, SSD storage fits perfectly in this criteria when you think about more storage options without any delay in reading the data. So, look for a maximum SSD storage option with an easy upgrade facility with the Best Windows Reseller Hosting plans. You will get affordable plans at Hostbillo, so you can visit the company’s official site for more information about plans and packages.

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