5 Week Pregnancy Ultrasound: Signs and Developments So Far

5 weeks ultrasound

Did you also miss your period when trying to conceive? Feeling anxious about what the 5 week ultrasound will show because you’re experiencing particular pregnancy symptoms? Stop worrying! Pregnancy isn’t easy, but if your baby is born healthily, you’ll be floating on air for days.

If you’re doubting your pregnancy, a test will help put your mind at ease. Keep reading to learn more about the foetal development that can be seen on a 5 weeks ultrasound.

The Fetal Growth and Ultrasound Development at Week 5

At 5 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is still in the process of developing. Transvaginal ultrasonography may detect a tiny sac, measuring around 5 mm in size, in the uterine lining at 5 weeks of pregnancy (uterus). The placenta, which begins as the chorion, a broad white ring of tissue, surrounds the gestational sac.

The yolk sac forms inside the amniotic sac before any other organs do. It’s a lifeline for your unborn child, providing nutrients vital to development throughout the first trimester. When viewed through an ultrasound, the yolk sac looks as a bubble inside the pregnancy sac. Because of how important it is for the baby’s development, the Ultrasound Care team must observe this structure. The viability of a pregnancy or the presence of a miscarriage can also be ascertained with its help.

When should the follow-up ultrasound be scheduled if the initial one didn’t reveal a growing infant?

Anxious first-time mothers often request a repeat ultrasound not long after the first one fails to reveal a foetus and a heartbeat. Pregnancy is a lengthy process, and getting over the early stages takes patience. Even if you get another ultrasound too soon, you won’t be reassured that your foetus is healthy and growing.

If a gestational sac is detected, waiting at least two weeks is recommended, and if both a gestational and yolk sac are present but no foetal pole, waiting at least 11 days is recommended. These are both situations where it’s best to wait until the next scheduled scan in two weeks. If an early foetal pole is shown on ultrasound but no heart activity is detected, the procedure is repeated in a week. Even while waiting can be frustrating, it’s better to have an accurate diagnosis of your pregnancy’s status the first time around than to risk having to come back multiple times.

Pregnancy symptoms after 5 weeks

Pregnancy symptoms can be affected by your hCG levels. The fifth week of pregnancy is typically characterized by the following symptoms:

  • metallic taste in your mouth
  • tender breasts
  • abdominal cramps
  • expanded sense of smell
  • increased urination
  • morning sickness
  • mood swings
  • unusual pregnancy cravings
  • constipation
  • white vaginal discharge
  • light spotting
  • bloating
  • missed period

Be gentle with your skin

The pregnancy glow could be due to a combination of increased blood flow and pregnancy hormones. You may be seeing an increase in oil production from your sebaceous glands due to hormonal fluctuations. While oil may give your hair a lustrous sheen, it may also lead to acne breakouts if used during pregnancy.

In the case of acne, it’s best to get your doctor’s approval before taking any preventative measures.


Perhaps you should wait a few weeks before getting your 5- or 6 week ultrasound so that you have a better chance of seeing the embryo and the amniotic sac.

Even though most women will detect something on their 5-week ultrasound, each pregnancy is different. Your doctor may recommend more frequent ultrasounds if you already have a health problem.

Attending all of your prenatal appointments is essential for ensuring your health and the well of your developing kid.

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