What Guava is good for you and its nutritional facts

What Guava is good for you and its nutritional facts


Guava is the fruit of a small tree that is grown in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, and the southern United States. Known as tropical fruit, guava’s beginning is uncertain even though many list southern Mexico or Central America as its birthplace.

Guava can now be discovered globally in lots of grocery shops, even though availability can also vary with the seasons. This candied fruit presents a healthful dose of fiber and other vitamins. If you’re seeking to upload extra interesting culmination on your eating regimen, guava is a smart desire.

Guava Nutrition Facts


The USDA offers the subsequent nutrient facts for 1 cup (165g) of guava.



An entire 1-cup serving of guava gives 112 strength and over 23 grams of carbohydrates. Most of the carbs come from sugar (14.7g) b, however, you’ll additionally have nearly 9 grams of fiber. There isn’t any starch in guava.

One scientific take look at the glycemic index of guava positioned it will become round 33 for subjects with type 2 diabetes and 31 for healthy subjects, now not using a widespread distinction between the two agencies.

The glycemic index indicates how lots of unique food boom your blood sugar stage in assessment to natural glucose, which has a glycemic index rating of a hundred. With a GI within the 30s, guava is considered a low-glycemic meal.



There is handiest a small quantity of fats in guava. A cup of fruit presents just 1.6 grams of poly and mono-unsaturated fats.



For a fruit, guava is pretty high in protein, offering over four grams regular with a serving.

Vitamins and Minerals


As with many tropical results, guava is an excellent supply of nutrition C. It is likewise immoderate in folate and in beta carotene, which the body in element converts to nutrition A. Guava is a notable supply of potassium and offers smaller quantities of various nutrients and minerals.

Health Benefits


Increasing your fruit intake with kinds like guava can offer a variety of fitness blessings.

Aids Cell Protection and Repair


Guavas consist of phytonutrients, together with carotenoids and polyphenols, and the nutrients C in Vidalista 40 act as a powerful antioxidant in the frame.

Promotes Skin Health


Diet C in guava is accountable for the manufacturing of collagen, the number one protein for your pores and pores and skin. Vitamin C presents antioxidant blessings to your pores and pores and skin and protects against age-associated pores and skin decline and UV-brought photodamage.

Authors of a research evaluation published in a 2017 problem of Nutrients referred to that healthful pores and pores and skin are certainly associated with higher fruit and vegetable intake in research.

Although they study that the energetic element in the fruit and greens answerable for the discovered gain cannot be specially recognized, they note that nutrition C availability inside the fruits and Vidalista 80 mg can be difficult.

Supports Weight Control


Weight loss and weight management specialists often suggest the inclusion of greater fruits and vegetables in our diets. Fruits like guava provide important vitamins and minerals for exceptionally few calories and also offer the fiber that could assist decorate satiety.

In one limited look at the fitness benefits of eating guava, a collection of 14 women and 31 guys showed a reduced frame mass index (BMI) after consuming guava without or with the peel. However, a few pieces of information approximately the contributors’ weight loss plan have become noted inside the posted file.

Promotes Better Heart Health


Another proper reason to encompass fruits like guava in your weight-reduction plan is that there’s widespread evidence that eating extra fruits and veggies offers coronary heart-healthy blessings.

In one massive meta-analysis published in a 2017 trouble of the International Journal of Epidemiology, scientists evaluated a huge frame of studies to understand greater approximately the relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and progressed cardiovascular health.

May Aid Disease Prevention


The equal remark that evaluated cardiovascular benefits additionally evaluated how ingesting more fruits and veggies might also affect your risk for most cancers and mortality. The threshold became decreased for this final result.

They decided that growing your consumption of as much as 600 grams in step with an afternoon (1.3 pounds) of result and greens might also moreover help to decrease your danger of cancer.



While there are reviews of allergies to exclusive tropical effects like mango, there are very constrained opinions of guava hypersensitivity within the published medical literature. In the simplest posted account, it isn’t continually clean that guava has become the reason for a capacity reaction.

If you think a hypersensitivity to guava or revel in a reaction after eating the fruit, are looking for the advice of your healthcare issuer.



The not-uncommon guava has mild green or yellow pores and pores and skin, with flesh that stages from white to crimson or crimson to a deep salmon coloration. They can be round, pear-shaped, or overland and may broaden to two to four inches.

In addition to the not-unusual guava, different types are also available in a few elements of the arena. You would probably discover wild strawberry guava in a few markets. Some research has verified that wild strawberry guavas (Psidium cattleianum) own better antimicrobial interest than common guavas. You may see a fruit called pineapple guva (occasionally referred to as feijoa). This fruit isn’t always technically guava, although it’s associated.

Storage and Food Safety


Guavas have a short-shelf lifestyle. Keep the fruit at room temperature when you carry it regionally from the store. As little as days after a gentle, ripe guava is purchased, it’s far possible to move badly.

Once you have sliced the fruit, you could preserve it refrigerated, but most effective for some days. You can also freeze guava. Slice it cube it and preserve it in air-tight freezer luggage for up to eight months.

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