Gas Boilers | Why Consider Them Over Other Other Fuel Options

Weil Mclain Gas Boilers

Gas boilers have become very common things in homes. Their high efficiency and low fuel consumption have proved them useful in domestic and commercial places. The heated water then travels to each outlet of the house or the building or to the taps and showers of the room attached, depending on the type of boiler. The boiler uses on-grid gas or stored LPG to function. Weil Mclain Gas Boilers are among the most durable and energy convenient boilers in the market for homes and businesses. 

Why Gas Boilers

Efficiency in cost and energy

Gas boilers are the most efficient than other boilers using electricity and oil for their combustion. They require less maintenance in terms of frequency, and their servicing is more pocket friendly. Boilers with storage are more likely to combust more water than required at times. With instant working, there are fewer changes of inefficient combustion in gas boilers. 

Storage Free

Gas boilers, such as combi boilers, include waterflow from hot and cold streams requiring no additional space for storage. For this, they are also turning out to be beneficial for commercial buildings with less space for huge tanks of other boilers. 

Instant working

Unlike all other boilers, gas boilers deliver instant hot water. It takes a lot of time for electric and oil boilers to provide hot water and need a great amount of time to heat if all the stored water is used.

Environment friendly

Natural gas is one of the cleanest and most efficient fuels to power a boiler. Oil does not burn clean, while electricity production from fossil fuels like coal release harmful gases. The gas boiler produces no such effect and helps to preserve the environment. More and more commercial sites are switching to gas boilers for environmental safety. 

Types of Gas Boilers Available

Categorized on the basis of their working, gas boilers are of 4 types

Combination or Combi Boilers

They provide instant hot water from the taps or showers instead of storing it in the tanks. 

System Boilers 

These boilers have insulated storage tanks to store hot water and cold water separately. However, they can heat water quickly if the tanks run out. 

Regular Boilers 

They work similarly to system tanks, offering a choice of being vented or unvented. 

Combine Heat and Power (CHP) boilers 

These modern-generation boilers are multifunctional and provide you with hot water like all the other types while also generating electricity for domestic use. 

How it Works

Gas boilers use LPG as their main source of combustion, with little electricity to keep the components working. The water is heated by burning the source and processed according to your gas boiler. Combi boilers instantly heat water from the source, while other gas boilers heat the water gathered in their tank priorly. The temperature of the water running through the taps and showers is regulated by thermostats providing desired warm water.

Where to Buy

With over 100 years of service in the market, Osward Supply is the leading supplier of gas boilers in New York. Among their best-seller is the highly efficient and durable Weil McLain LGB23 with steam and water input. It offers 85.1% Combustion Efficiency with solid iron sections for corrosion resistance. Its extra-large top port opening of 9’’ allows great water circulation with built-in air circulation.  Weil Mclain Gas Boilers


Gas Boilers are the most efficient and cost-effective boilers in the market. They quickly heat water while burning of natural gas, saving time and resources. With a high combustion rate and clean burning, they are also beneficial for the environment. Moreover, they are pocket friendly with low service charges and high durability.

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