Four justifications for using video in email marketing

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Why should email marketers use video?

Today, email marketing 80% of businesses. Getting many messages every day, it’s a higher priority than any time in recent memory to make your email content stick out.  In fact, email campaigns, which includes videos receive two to three times more clicks.

Four data-backed reasons to use video in email marketing. Are you still unsure whether or not videos help your email marketing? Take a look at these numbers to see how effective video is for email marketing.

1.Email open and click rates are boosted by videos.

Including videos in your email campaigns can boost click rates as much as 300%.That is significant for your company. Because video is such a popular medium, including the word “video” in the subject line of your email significantly. We tried using the word “video” in our email subject lines at WebFX. When we used the word “video” in our email subject lines, we saw a higher open rate than when we didn’t use it.”Email test results.

2.Videos help people remember your emails better.

Statistics show that people forget things.At point of fact, within an hour, approximately half of what people learn is forgotten, That number rises to 70% in a day. However, video can prevent forgetfulness.
According to studies, 95% of the information presented in a video is retained. Even more impressive is the fact. That Eighty percent of people who see a video advertisement say they can recall one within a month of watching it. Videos help you gain an advantage over your rivals. Make your brand and email campaigns more memorable.

3.Videos influence purchase decisions

Individuals also use videos to assist with purchasing decisions. In point of fact, ninety percent of those surveyed stated that videos assist them in selecting products. Sending your brand’s videos to customers allows you to influence how they view your products. You need to take advantage of this and the many hours. People spend watching videos,  you want your business to grow. Over a billion hours of video daily users on YouTube alone.

4.Email interaction is boosted by videos

Ten times more likely than text to connect with your video. Embedding, sharing, and commenting on your videos are all examples of this. Regarding video sharing, 92% of those surveyed stated that they would share videos they saw with others. Simply sending great videos to your target audience, you are increasing the number of eyes on your email marketing campaigns.And at no additional cost.


Get Started with Video

If you’re not sure how to make high-quality videos. The following information will help you get started with email video marketing.

1.Utilize affordable technology for email videos.

I enjoy pointing out that you can now create high-quality videos with your smartphone. Despite employing professionals (like us!) result in a fantastic video for your email marketing campaign. You may already have the equipment necessary to produce some fantastic videos.


2.You can explore a variety of video formats to support your goals

Just like you can write about a variety of topics. Can choose to demonstrate a product, share a customer testimonial, give away a prize. Create an educational video, and more based on your video’s objectives. You experiment and be imaginative including videos in your emails. There is a lot of choice, make sure that whatever you choose is in line with your goals.

3.Check out the video options available on your email platform.

Some email clients won’t let videos play in an email, but there are ways around this. Campaign Monitor shares some great ways to get around this when sending videos in emails:

Trick 1:In your email, include a screenshot of an image with a play button on top. Link to the video on a platform like YouTube using the image.

Trick 2:To give the impression that you are making use of video, place a GIF where the video would be.

Trick 3:To get people to click on a linked image, hover an animated play button over it.

4. Utilize email marketing resources like digital marketing firms

When you want to start making videos and need help of marketing firms, the technical side of things or some ideas, you’re not alone. You can find a lot of videos online that give you ideas or help you fix a problem with your email campaign or video. The power of a Google search is not underestimated. There is a good chance that someone else has had the same question as you.YouTube and Google are fantastic resources for quickly resolving issues. You also get some ideas and more information from our guide to email marketing. Get started with a video I hope I have convinced you to incorporate video into your email marketing strategy.


There are numerous benefits to including videos in your emails and doing so helps your business expand. This is your chance to improve the open and click rates of your emails. Keep subscribers from unsubscribing to them, and raise brand awareness and recognition. Including videos in your email marketing strategy is all that is required.

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