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Aquamarine jewelry

Aquamarine is the word formed with two words Aqua plus marine, where Aqua means water and marine means the color of the sea. This gemstone belongs to the Beryl family of gemstones and is majorly found in light or sky blue color. The stone rate between 7.5-8 on the toughness scale and is the most durable stone. Moreover, Aquamarine is known as the capital of Brazil, as the best variety comes from there. Now, you are eager to learn about this gemstone. So, let’s get into it and learn about this gemstone.

How To Know The Price Of This Gemstone?

The price of this gemstone is set by the weight and the strength of its color. There are abundant of faint blue color gemstones, and they are inexpensive, but the ones with the rich blue color are costly, as they are rare to find. The value of the stone is determined by its color, as it is often heated and treated to bring out that color.

Healing Properties

1. Aquamarine jewelry is the stone of courage, and it has calming energies which help to reduce the problems of work life and help to balance personal and professional life.

2. Wearing an Aquamarine ring also helps in meditating, as it guides the wearer to follow the right path in their life. In addition, it brings peace, prophecy, and tranquility.

3. A person becomes strong from the inside after wearing this gemstone, as it gives them the confidence to do anything in life. Apart from that, it also protects the person while traveling and from all the problems of life.

4. Wearing the Aquamarine pendant would be close to your heart, and it will promote self-expression, soothe fears and increase sensitivity. It will make you feel love for yourself, and you will take care of yourself.

5. It sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance, boosting the immune system.

How To Identify Real Aquamarine Jewelry?

  1. Aquamarine is a stone that is known for its hardness and brilliant shine, so there would be very less chance of it being get scratched. Moreover, if you see a can scrape, then it may be a fake one.

  2. You can keep the stone against your forehead, and you must feel the cool vibes of this stone. If it feels normal, like room temperature, then it is probably the fake stone.

  3. The real Aquamarine jewelry will not have any bubbles over it. If you see it, then it is not the real stone.

Styling With Aquamarine

You can match up these jewelry pieces with all kinds of outfits, as the perfect blue color matches with all colors. From tradition to professional to party-wear, all glam up all kinds of attire. They enhance the value of what’s already there. Moreover, it can be wonderful if you gift an Aquamarine bracelet to your closed ones, especially those born in March, as it is their birthstone. So, now the question comes about the place from where you can buy this gemstone. Here is the guide for the same.

The Best Place To Buy The Aquamarine Stones

Nothing would be better than Sagacia jewelry, the best retail website for buying Aquamarine jewelry. This website can be trusted, and they have a great collection, as they sell the most hottest selling stones. Moreover, they are offering 20%+5% off on the special occasion of Diwali. So, check out their collection and buy the most trending choice of jewelry. Also, explore their other stones as well and their blogs, where you will learn in detail about the gemstone properties. Have a great shopping time.

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