UAE Online Payment Gateways List

UAE Online Payment Gateways

You must choose what will be best for you because several possibilities are accessible, and each has pros and cons. It’s important to remember that choosing a basic plan for a payment gateway uae may seem profitable right now as your e-commerce site in the UAE expands. You will need to upgrade to that gateway’s business or premium edition. There is no choice but to purchase that pricey package. Therefore, make good plans before making a decision.


It was formerly regarded as one of the top startups in the United Arab Emirates when it was once called Innovate Innovate Payments.

Worldwide, Telr provides its services in more than 120 different currencies. The fact that Telr provides its services in developing nations like Pakistan and Indonesia is one of its distinctive characteristics. The monthly fees for entry-level, small, and moderate level businesses are AED 349 and AED 99, respectively.

For the entry-level package, there are no fees associated with the transfer to the merchant account.


CashU was founded in 2002 with the sole intention of serving clients in the UAE, but it has since gained enormous popularity throughout Europe. CashU offers free account opening and the lowest market-level maintenance fee of $1 annually. The transaction will determine the per-transaction fee.

With MasterCard’s assistance, CashU just launched its virtual credit card business. To make purchases on e-commerce sites that support MasterCard, UAE citizens with a verified CASHU account can instantly establish a Virtual MasterCard Prepaid Card.


One of the most popular payment gateway uae in the Uae is Payfort. Their pricing strategies have recently evolved. There are currently only two pricing tiers on Payfort: beginner and Enterprise. For the basic package, the monthly cost is 420 AED, and they impose 2.94 + 1.84 AED for every transaction. Enterprise packages are tailored depending on the size of your company.

The UAE’s largest online retailer, (now controlled by Amazon), and PayFort have partnered to introduce the COD service. Card-on-delivery implies that customers who previously had to choose between paying with cash or even a card now have that option. The delivery personnel can use a mobile card reader to process all popular credit and debit cards.


CCAvennue, founded in India, is today a well-known online payment gateway uae  in the UAE. They also provide a no-setup fee alternative. However, it has a hefty $54.45 monthly service fee. Additionally, they add 3% to each transaction. Although CCAvenue is undoubtedly a pricey alternative, they provide a few complimentary services, including fraud protection and round-the-clock on-call assistance. They also offer support for all of the main e-commerce platforms.


VISA, a well-known international company, owns CyberSource. They provide various solutions and are active in more than 190 nations worldwide. Additionally, CS supports local digital wallets like Alipay and global digital payment systems like Apple Pay and Android Pay.


PayTabs, a provider in Bahrain, came in sixth on Forbes’ list of the best new companies of 2016.

They accept 168 different currencies for payment. The entire PayTabs system may be established in less than 24 hours. You can connect PayTabs using various methods, including plug-ins, iFrames, SDKs, and direct API integration. They currently charge 2.85% + 1 AED for each transaction.

Each withdrawal can cost $15, with a setup cost of $400. Paytabs doesn’t impose any recurring monthly or yearly maintenance fees.


Checkout launched its service in the UAE in 2014 after operating since 2010. For European cards, they charge 0.95% Plus 20 cents for every transaction, but for non-European cards, they charge 2.90% Plus 20 cents. All of the most popular credit cards are accepted there. Additionally, they provide “Prism Risk Management System,” one of the top fraud management programs.


Even though the provider 2Checkout is situated in the USA, the MENA region uses it a lot. While accepting 87 different currencies, they impose a transaction fee of 3.9% plus 45 cents.

Additionally, they charge 1.5% for consumers outside the United Arab Emirates and $25 for each chargeback. Although these charges appear hefty, there is no setup fee or ongoing maintenance cost.


Although they also provide their services in the UAE, Hyperpay is primarily a payment gateway with a base in Saudi Arabia. More than 100 firms, from well-known credit card issuers to several banks, are partners with HyperPay. WordPress and Magento integration, two of the most popular e-commerce systems, are incredibly simple to use. 

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