Check Train PNR Status Without Making Extra Efforts

Train PNR status

Because you can now check your PNR status on WhatsApp. Do you have any other ideas for this new feature, though? You can keep an eye on the progress of your online order for train food. After that, you can use this to file a complaint. All of these characteristics have helped to solve numerous problems. Because even old people can use WhatsApp. and learn how to place orders on their own, anyone can now eat on a train. In partnership with ZoopIndia, the Indian Railways will provide real-time WhatsApp status updates for trains. Follow these procedures to Check Train PNR Status on the zoop app.

On the top left of your IRCTC train ticket, you can find the 10-digit PNR number.

After entering the PNR number for your ticket, choose “Get Status” from the menu.

In your PNR Status, you may see details about the rail ticket you bought.

Procedures for Verifying PNR Status:

You only need to adhere to a couple of the following steps to check your PNR status.

Here is a quick explanation on how to use the WhatsApp chatbot. To track the specifics of your railway journey in India. How to use WhatsApp to check a train’s PNR status

  1. Add the phone number +91 7042062070 of the Zoop WhatsApp chatbot to your contacts.  Or launch WhatsApp Web on a computer by navigating to 7042062070.

Search for the Zoop chat window on WhatsApp to open it.

  1. Enter your 10-digit PNR number in the WhatsApp discussion box and click the chat button.
  1. The chatbot will provide you the most recent PNR status, the train number, and the projected departure time.
  1. To receive notifications and real-time information on the status of your train. you can also enter your PNR number into the WhatsApp chatbot.

This is how using zoop, you may check the status of your PNR.

How to find the exact PNR status and coach position :

It’s generally challenging to determine the exact placement of the coach from the engine. The majority of people board in other coaches because they connect to each other. And after asking about them they eventually locate the proper coach. They have to move their heavy equipment around as well. They have to travel with various people before they can get the right coach. What if each train’s position in the train coach is announce in advance to the passengers?

They can easily board the proper coach by waiting in the exact same location on the platform. Therefore, it eliminates the inconvenience of having to walk alongside numerous coaches, which irritates other travelers. Despite the Indian Railways’ repeated announcements of the arrival of the train. It is the passengers’ obligation to ascertain the state and location of the relevant railway coach. In order to ensure a smooth boarding process, passengers must also be able to determine the train coach status once it has arrived at the platform.

How is a train’s PNR number generated?

Are you using a train for the first time and unsure of where to look for the PNR number on a rail ticket?. Or how to check Train PNR Status using this number? The PNR number, which consists of 10 numbers, is typically printed and is visible in the top left corner of the ticket, which is available at the railway junction booking window. If you purchased an e-ticket, the PNR number, which is a 10-digit number, is listed at the top of each cell. Have you now thought about how to check it? I hope that’s clearer now.

The PRS, or Passenger Reservation System, from which the ticket is arranged is represented by the first three digits of the PNR number. which is a 10-digit number with 10 digits. The zone of the train that is the starting point or junction of the train. Is highlighted by the first digit of the 10 digits. The SCR zone is represented by the number 1, the New Delhi PRS zone by numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5, the Chennai PRS zone by numbers 6, and 7, the Kolkata PRS zone by numbers 8, and the Mumbai PRS zone by numbers 9, 10, and 11. The PNR number is made unique by the last seven digits, which are essentially random numbers.

What does the PNR status NR/0 mean?

Are you trying to find the same answer and meaning? If so, continue reading and you will undoubtedly learn more about it. No room is indicated by the Train PNR status code NR/O. Once they book a ticket, the majority of individuals receive this status, and it is highly put up to all of them to periodically check their PNR status. Because, according to IRCTC, after some time, the status changes in the majority of cases.

As an illustration, let’s say someone purchased a ticket. For an AC third-tier coach and received CNF status at the moment. As soon as the final chart is ready, the status is visible to him as NR/O. Due to the fact that his status was CNF, he is upgrade to sit on an AC 2 tier coach. Because there was no seat available in AC 3 tier coach at the time of final chart compilation. NR/O stands for “no room,” so it is best to periodically check the PNR status. Even after the final chart is ready, since only then can you learn the precise status of your trip.

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