How To Choose The Right Window Glass

Window Glass

Windows can make a difference in your home’s energy efficiency and thermal performance. Suppose you fit the wrong glass in your windows. In that case, your rooms will likely overheat during summer and leak heat in winter, significantly increasing your cooling and heating cost and making your home less comfortable.

With the right glass, your window will work perfectly. There are several options, from energy-efficient coating to multi-pane options. A professional can help you choose the right window glass option. Still, you can also get more information to know which window glass will be more efficient in your home.

Double vs triple glazing

Single pane windows in residential buildings have gradually phased out because energy efficiency is now a priority for homeowners and builders. Most windows have at least a double glazed window with two glass panes connected with a spacer and a space filled with insulating gas, commonly called Insulated Glass Units (IGUs).

Triple glazed IGUs are also available with a third glass pane on the window unit. Triple-glazed windows are more expensive than double-glazed options. Still, there is often no significant difference in energy bills or the resale value of a house.

If you are in an area with icy winters, consult a window glazing or replacement contractor to know if triple-glazed windows are the best option.

The spacer’s design for double or triple-glazed windows can affect the overall performance of IGU. A while back, only metal spaces were available, but metal’s conductivity is a problem and causes ice crystals and condensation.

Spaces made with structural foam combined with a desiccant to remove trapped moisture and treated metal are now available.

Air vs inert gas window filling

IGUs had air filling in the past, but when the air cools and warms, warm areas appear at the top of the window, and the bottom has cold areas. With less conductive gas, heat loss is lower, reducing the U-factor of the unit, also called heat transfer rate and enhancing the performance of the glazing.

The newer IGUs contain krypton or argon gas. These gasses are non-reactive, clear, non-toxic and odourless.

  • Argon gas

Argon gas in IGUs are more common, and they are less expensive. The space between the two paned in double-glazed window units filled with argon gas is about 1/2 of one inch.

  • Krypton gas

Krypton requires smaller space than argon gas, making it a better option for triple-pane windows. Krypton gas also prevents them from being too deep for the standard window frame. The maximum space between window panes filled with krypton gas is 1/8 of an inch.

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Tempered glass vs Low-E coating

  • Tempered glass

Tempered glass, also known as safety glass, is manufactured by heating and rapidly cooling glass. Tempered glass is strong, unlike untreated glass that can break under litter force and break into dangerous pieces.

The rapid temperature change makes the glass up to four times stronger than untreated glass. If tempered glass breaks, it will crumble in dull-edged and small pieces.

  • Low-E coatings

Low-emittance or Low-E coating is a thin metal layer applied on one side of the glass during the manufacturing process. This coating is almost invisible and aims to reduce the heat transfer rate through window glass. Manufacturers usually apply the Low-E coating on the inner side of the glass pane, protecting the glass from physical damage and other elements.

There are different types of coating to allow low, moderate or high heat gain. With this technology, builders can fit the perfect window for a house, depending on the area’s annual weather pattern and overall climate.

The high solar-gain coating more sun heat from the sun to enter a building, so it is better suited for areas with long and harsh winter.

The low solar-gain coats can block about 75% of heat from the sun, making them a better option for areas with warm climates.

You can reach out to SG Commercial Glaziers to have commercial glazing contractors inspect your home and recommend the best glass for your windows.

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