Getting the Appendix Removed – Learn About Keyhole Surgery

Getting the Appendix Removed – Learn About Keyhole Surgery

Keyhole surgery or Laparoscopy is a technique that enables surgeons to conduct a surgical procedure inside the human body by making a small hole in the skin.

Many surgeons prefer this procedure as it involves the usage of a Laparoscope, which is an imaging instrument. It shows the insides of the human body. From the patient’s perspective, this procedure involves less blood loss and a quicker recovery.

This surgical procedure can remove an appendix or inflamed appendix from the body. It’s a safe, quick, and effective procedure.

The Keyhole Surgery: The Definition

Keyhole surgery is performed by surgeons who make small cuts on the patient’s body. A laparoscope is inserted through the holes to transmit pictures of the insides of the patient’s body. These images are displayed on a monitor in the operating room.

A laparoscope is a thin and long device with a camera and a light attached to the end. The surgical tools and instruments are passed through the other keyholes. The surgeon conducts the surgery guided by the pictures transmitted by the laparoscope.

Once the appendix surgery is completed, the keyholes are stitched and covered with an antiseptic dressing.

The duration of stay in the hospital after keyhole surgery depends on the recovery of the patient and is determined by the surgical team.

The Various Types of Keyhole Surgery

Laparoscopy is a comparatively new technique compared to open surgery and is used for various procedures like:

    • VATS [Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery]: The surgeon inserts a tiny camera known as Thoracoscope and an instrument through the keyhole cut in the chest for this procedure. These tools are used for surgery on the chest, esophagus, and lungs.
    • Parathyroidectomy: In this procedure, keyhole incisions are made to remove the Parathyroid Gland.
    • Laparoscopy: In this procedure, small cuts are made to insert the laparoscope to take images of the insides of the body. These images are displayed on a TV monitor where the surgeons perform the surgery. Laparoscopy is extensively used for general surgery.
    • Arthroscopy: This procedure is used to treat injuries to the joints.

In keyhole surgery, the size of the cut or incision is much smaller than the ones in traditional surgical methods.

When Must You Opt for Keyhole Surgery?

The incisions or cuts made during the keyhole surgery heal faster when compared to the larger ones. The recovery time is shorter, and there are fewer complications involved. Because of such reasons, surgeons recommend this procedure to their patients.

Small cuts are also said to process less noticeable scars. Those concerned about scarring can opt for the keyhole option. The scar will fade away once the area heals. Keyhole surgery is performed on various parts of the body like:

    • Joints
    • Spine and Skull Base
    • Pelvis and Abdomen
    • Neck and Head
    • Lungs
    • Veins

How to Prepare for Keyhole Surgery?

Surgeons will provide pre-surgery instruction to their patients about the keyhole surgery. These instructions are:

    • Don’t wear contact lens
    • Avoid putting on perfume or makeup
    • Stop eating and drinking for the recommended time before the surgery
    • Stop smoking before the surgery
    • Follow the pre-operative shaving and bathing instructions
    • Leave all the jewelry and valuables at home
    • Inform the medical team about existing diseases and ongoing medications

Before the surgery, all patients should discuss all their concerns with the surgeons. They should also get all their questions answered before heading to the operating room.

Keyhole Surgery: What are the Complications?

Even though this surgery is safe and complications are rare, some risks are involved. These are:

    • Vomiting or Nausea
    • Infection
    • Bruising or Bleeding at the incision area

Apart from the minor ones, there are some severe complications as well:

    • Organ damage, which can lead to loss of organ function
    • Complications occurring due to the usage of gas because of the procedure
    • Damages to the Artery
    • Allergic Reaction to Anesthesia
    • Pulmonary Embolism [ A blood clot that transits to the lungs and precludes the blood flow]

The Takeaway

Keyhole surgery is used by surgeons to treat and diagnose various conditions across the entire body. It’s also used for getting rid of the appendix, which is conducted under general anesthesia. It might take an hour to complete. Before opting for the procedure, speak with the surgeons to gain more information.

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