Explain more about a couple of hoodies

couple hoodies

Hoodies are so popular in the United States that they have their season, dubbed hoodie season. It piques people’s interest; nothing beats a cozy, fresh hoodie. As a result, couple hoodies are an excellent and memorable method to promote your company, equip your team, sell a large quantity of merchandise, or simply treat your friends, family, and fans with some warm, cozy deliciousness.

couple hoodies

But, with dozens of rival brands and hundreds of styles available, it’s difficult to know where to start. Sewing a hoodie may appear to be a difficult task, but it is simpler than you may imagine. To build the hoodie, you will need some unique supplies and tools, such as an old sweatshirt to serve as a pattern, fabric, and sewing machine.


How to make a couple of hoodies? 


Cutting out your fabric pieces – Not all types of cloth will work for constructing a hoodie, so select your fabric wisely. Depending on how warm you want the hoodie to be, you may choose a heavy or lightweight fabric. For instance, for a warmer choice, use fleece or thick stretch cotton (sweatshirt material). You may also make a lightweight hoodie out of a jersey or t-shirt cloth. Purchase more material than you believe you will require. Two yards should be plenty for an adult-sized sweatshirt.


Use an old hoodie sweatshirt to cut the body pieces – A couple hoodies does not require a pattern. Simply use an old hooded sweatshirt as a template. Place your hooded sweater on top of the doubled fabric. Then, fold in the arms and hood, leaving only the body of the sweatshirt to outline. To create a seam allowance, trace around the body piece of the hoodie approximately 1″ (2.5 cm) from the edges.


Trace the arms of your sweetheart to get the arm piece – Unfold one of your sweatshirt’s arms. Then, align the top of your sleeve with the folded edge of the fabric and the armpit region with the other edge of your cloth. To ensure appropriate seam allowance, trace about 1″ (2.5 cm) from the bottom of the sleeve and the wrist region using chalk. After that, cut following the chalk lines.


Follow the outline of the hood to get the hoodie – Fold your cloth one more to create four layers and then, position the hood so that the edges are aligned and the hood is on its side. Place the hood of your sweatshirt on top of the fabric stack, but don’t worry about aligning it with the fold. Trace the hood form with chalk onto the top layer of cloth, and then cut through all four layers following the chalk line.

Cut two strips for the wristbands – Check to see if the fabric is folded in two layers. Unfold one of your sleeve pieces and align the edge with your folded fabric to make the wristband parts. Then, sketch around the outside margins of the sleeve’s end (wrist region). Extend the lines from the sleeve’s end so that the strip is about 4 inches (10 cm) wide. After that, cut along the sides to make the two wrist pieces.


Make a long strip for the bottom band of the sweatshirt – Maintain the cloth in two layers. Then, cut a 4″ (10cm) wide strip of cloth the same length as the total length of your body parts’ bottoms combined. To calculate this number, take the bottom of one of your body sections and double it.



Hoodies are one of my favorite wardrobe essentials. The cloth is incredibly smooth and comfortable next to my skin.


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