Best Colour Carpet Options For Your Office To Consider

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When you hear the word office, what is the very first thing that strikes your mind? In most cases, an office area is related to a very boring place where only work is done. Well, an office can be fun too if you know how to make it an enjoyable place. Generally, offices are filled with chairs, tables, computers, fans, lights and all the necessary gadgets that one requires to run an office. But if you have to make your office a fun place with a lot of positive vibes, you have to add some colours to it.

In most cases, you will notice that while decorating offices and commercial spaces, interior designers stick to earthy and neutral shades. This is because they want to ensure that people are serious about their work in the office. Now, don’t you think looking at the pale earthy tone walls, those same cubicles with chairs and computers can be a bit boring? Well, they are extremely boring, especially if you are working in that office for a pretty long time. Not only does it mar the appearance of the office, but also lowers the productivity of your employees.

If you have to make your office resonate a positive vibe throughout the day, one of the easiest ways to do so is to choose and install colourful carpets in the office. When it comes to buying the right shade of carpet, is a challenging task. An even more difficult task would be to clean these carpets. You have to understand that an office is an area of heavy traffic. Therefore, you have to hire the services of carpet cleaning in London. To help you understand and choose the right coloured carpet, we have come up with this blog.

What are the best colour options for office carpets?

It is not possible for any layman to understand the right shade that will go well with your office. For this, you can consult with interior or commercial designers. However, before you get into that, here is a list of the top seven carpet colours that will gel well with your office space.


If you enter ten offices, you will find nine of them with grey carpets. This proves that grey is one of the most common colours when it comes to office carpets. There must be a reason why most people choose grey carpets for their offices. The colour grey has the capacity to blend well with almost all colours, especially earthy tones. Its neutral nature allows it to gel well with wooden and fibre furniture pieces.

Secondly, if you have some bright colour paints on the wall or if there is some large bright painting on the wall, the grey carpets on the floor will accentuate them. As a whole, the grey carpets can elevate the entire look inside the office. On top of everything, the colour grey has a corporate shine that no other colour can give you.

Leafy greens

It may so happen that you want to create a soft look inside your office, something that is soothing and pleasant to the eyes. If that is the case, nothing can be better than installing green carpets. When it comes to green carpets, there are a variety of options. Starting from light green to dark green, everything looks great in office spaces.

A perfect combination would be installing moss-green carpets on a yellow or light blue base. This combination not only soothes the eyes but also imparts some warmth and comfort to the entire ambience of the office. On the other hand, the colour green has the power to incite energy and enhance productivity.


Another common and very popular neutral colour that is going around corporate spaces these days is beige. What makes this colour stand out is the simplicity that is associated with it. once you install beige colour carpets into the office space, they automatically bring a calm and composed feel to the whole office area. Another point that needs special mention is the power of beige colours to lighten and brighten the area. Suppose the interiors of your office space are a bit dark and dull. In that case, all you can do is install beige carpets to make the room appear brighter. Not only will this enhance the look of the office rooms, but also make them appear larger.

Light brown

If you are a person connected to nature, the brown shaded carpets are perfect for you. brown being an earthy and neutral tone makes the whole environment of the office soft, calm and poised. In addition, this light brown colour gives the feeling of being grounded and humble. It also helps you to become resilient and strengthen the office work. one great hack with the light brown carpet is it has the great advantage of being able to hide dirt. So, if your office has heavy traffic, installing brown carpets is a great decision.

Light orange

When it comes to installing carpets in the office, you have to keep in mind staying energetic and positive the whole day. The more energized you remain, the better work will you be able to produce. Many people believe that light orange carpets have the capacity to bring out the positivity and good vibes that an office space requires.

Pale blue

Besides green and beige, another colour that can give a great soothing vibe to the office area is pale blue. It is soothing to the eyes and imparts softness and calmness to the whole space. It produces a positive effect on the senses of the people which can automatically energize them and allow them to be more productive.


If you want your employees to remain more focused while they are working, invest in olive carpets. One of the greatest advantages of this olive colour is it can retain energy both in your body and in the office space and allow you to produce work more efficiently.


Now that you have an idea about the colours that suit office space, it is time for you to buy a perfect carpet for your office area that will bring positivity to the minds of the people. Remember to clean the carpets at regular intervals, provided you want them to last longer.

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