API Testing and Common Types You Must Know

API Testing and Common Types

The application programming interface (API) is the type of software that tests the functioning and performance of the app. When organizations develop the idea of making an app, they have a few needs and requirements. After that, they refine the ideas and come up with strategies to fulfill the needs and requirements. Doing all of this on paper and app framework is quite different.

After developing the app, you might realize it is not fulfilling its purpose. This is why implementing API testing is necessary. It can offer help in identifying if the app is staying true to its purpose in terms of functioning, reliability, and user experience. API testing consists of various types, which focus on one or the other aspect.

Keep scrolling down into the details of this article to learn and explore all you need to know about API testing and its common types in order to ensure better practice.

Top 6 Types of API Testing You Can Put To Use

API testing plays a significant role in ensuring the smooth and sound functioning of the apps. The testing focuses on various aspects of the apps. It establishes the link between the development and database layers to ensure a perfectly functional final product. Learning about the types of API testing and putting them to use will only streamline the user experience, so do not ignore it.

Here are the major types of API testing you can put to use to ensure the smooth and sound functioning of your mobile app once it reaches the users.

1. Functional Testing

Functional testing is the first and foremost type of API testing you need to utilize to develop a perfectly functional app. Functional testing specifically focuses on the functioning of the specific features and sections of the app. This type of testing can be applied as soon as you have made a little progress in to the app development process. It is impossible without proper expertise, and skipping it is not an option. Due to this, authorities hire mobile app development Dubai companies and let experts work on their apps while tackling API testing smoothly.

2. Performance Testing

Performance testing is the next most common type of API testing you need to implement specifically. This type of testing is focused on improving the performance of the various functions and features of the app. It can help you identify the potential issues which can create issues in the performance. The focus should be not only on the immediate concerns but the long-term performance of the app. You can also utilize performance testing to quickly identify the root cause of issues once the app is launched and has an authentic user base.

3. UI Testing

UI testing is another common type of API testing which is essential to improve the overall functioning of the app. UI testing focuses on the functioning and performance of the user interface. This type of API testing can help identify the issues and fix them before the app reaches the hands of the users. Working on the user interface testing is extremely crucial to ensure a higher number of downloads for your app, as the target audience will not compromise it.

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4. Load Testing

Load testing is one of the most crucial types of API testing, which is extremely important in the present times. A rapid surge in user traffic and load on the app or site is quite a common phenomenon in the present times. Extensive loads often make the sites and apps crash and undermine user expectations. Load testing will help you know how much traffic the app can handle at any given time. You can also utilize strategies to improve load handling by utilizing the test.

5. Integration Testing

Integration testing is another common type of API testing you must be well aware of. As the name implies, integration testing focuses on how well app features and functions are integrated. The integration issues in the app will make the users feel as if they are experiencing two different things. Limiting this hindrance from using one function or feature will be the major focus of integration testing. So, make sure to apply and ensure smooth integration of various functions and features of the app.

6. Security Testing

The last and most crucial type of API testing, which needs specific care and attention, is security testing. As the name implies, this type of testing is specifically focused on security, its various functions, and features. The apps often use confidential data and information of the users. So, it is only right to optimize security and make users worry less about information breaches. You can hire experts from mobile app development Dubai companies and get an app with perfect security and other testing to offer a quality user experience.

Are you unable to implement API testing?

You might be unable to put API testing to use if you are not an experienced and professional mobile app developer. So, do not waste your time with limited effort. Contact professional developers such as SpiralClick.com to get a fully functional app that has cleared all API testing.

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